Affordable Car Rental Damage Insurance

Rental Car Insurance

[p'teet] adjective: “Small p’rice, big coverage” ™

• Worry-Less Rentals
• Up to $45,000 Damage, Theft Protection
• Primary Rental Car Insurance
• Avoid Outrageous Rental Counter Prices
• Zero Deductible
• Travel Throughout the US and Worldwide

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Rental Car Damage offers primary car rental damage insurance, up to $40,000, for the following:
1) Rental car is damaged while you are driving or while the rental car is unattended.
shown in the benefits schedule.
2) Rental car is damaged as a result of other causes (for example: fire, storm, vandalism, or theft)

Travel Assistance

If you are in need of assistance while traveling, Allianz Global Assistance team can help with the travel problems 24 hours a day, almost everywhere in the world.

Zero Deductible

Should you need to make a claim there will be no deductible.

Free Cancellation

You may cancel your policy any time prior to taking possesion of the rental car.
For example, if you cancel your car rental reservation prior to pick up or do not take possesion of the rental car, you are entitled to a refund of premium. You must contact us to request a refund.

Primary Rental Coverage provides primary coverage, which will act as your alternative to claiming on your regular auto insurance, which has the potential to rate increases.

All Eligible Drivers Covered

An eligible driver is at least 21 years of age, has a valid driver's license and is included on the rental car agreement.