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Pteet.com offers a more affordable alternative to car rental insurance purchased at the rental desk.

What is Car Rental Insurance?

When a car is hired in the United States, insurance for damage and theft are generally not included in the car rental price. In effect, if you have an accident you could be on the hook for the full market value of the vehicle. That is why the rental car damage coverage offered on the Pteet.com site is up to $45,000.

The car rental damage protector plan provides coverage up to $45,000 which can help you avoid outrageous prices at the rental counter and enjoy no deductible.

When to Buy Car Rental Insurance?

Frequent car renters would be aware of that sinking feeling you get when asked at the car rental desk to buy the insurance coverage, at a rate that can be as much as the actual rental. The rental car damage insurance offered on Pteet.com costs just $9.00 per day, so finally you can get the desired coverage, at just a fraction of the cost compared to the rental desk.

We recommend using your laptop or smart phone to purchase a plan just before you pick up the rental car. That way, whenever the agents asks you if you want to buy the insurance, you can simply decline by saying “thanks, though I already have insurance”. If they ask who the insurer is, say Allianz Global Assistance. If by chance you didn’t have the time to purchase the plan before arriving at the rental lot, that’s ok – just make sure you buy the plan before you start driving the car otherwise you won’t be covered for any damage if you purchase the plan once the rental has already started.