Will Bohdan Boytsov Extend His Do Not Rent List

Hertz Office at Newark Liberty International Airport

Christopher Elliott owns a flight delays company, and posts tales of traveler woes on his blog. We could not help relaying one post here. We are not having a go at Hertz though. Bohdan Boytsov’s story is typical of what happens when we leave customer service up to bots. These can add rental clients to an infamous do not rent list that hire car companies may share. And as we know, computers still do strange things.


Bohdan Boytsov’s Range Rover That Wandered Away


Bostov had set his heart on a Range Rover for his hire and reserved one at Hertz in advance. When he turned up at the airport, the cupboard was bare. We understand perfectly. These things happen. So he accepted a downgrade, and according to Hertz “a $100 rental certificate for the inconvenience of the downgrade, which he accepted”.

However, when he got back home he apparently decided the rental certificate was not adequate compensation. Possibly, he felt aggrieved at having to give Hertz even more money to receive his just desserts. We can’t know for sure, but Christopher Elliott confirms Bohdan Boytsov disputed $200 of his credit card payment, after Hertz disagreed this was the price difference between the Range Rover and the downgrade


Hertz Became Angry and Played the Do Not Rent List


Most rental agreements are as tight as a jam jar that won’t open. This may not have been the case here, but Hertz billed Bostov back for the $200 in any case. We’ll assume a bot added the bit about sending his case to a collection agency and adding his name to its infamous do not rent list.

“I kept receiving letters from Hertz to pay the $200,” Bohdan Boytsov told Christopher Elliott. “It’s gotten to the point where they said they would send me to collections if I don’t pay.” When his card company refused to come to the party, he gave up the fight and sent a $200 check to Hertz.


How Hertz Apparently Went Ahead Regardless


Hertz apparently sent Bostov’s case to collections anyway, even though his account showed the check as cashed. He wrote them three times for confirmation they received their money. Finally, he sent them an email explaining the problem. Hertz responded:

“Our records indicate that the payment was received. The collections case has been closed, and you have been removed from the do not rent list.” We had a good laugh at Pteet over Christopher Elliott’s closing comment, “Boytsov can add Hertz to his do not rent list. And he can tell all of his friends to do so, too.”

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