Visa Car Rental Insurance

(Courtesy Visa)

Using your Visa credit card to cover your rental auto insurance needs is possible but comes with a string of conditions attached. This article looks at the coverage accruing under the Visa Traditional Credit Card benefits. Note that different benefits, terms, and conditions apply to the other two tiers, these being Visa Signature benefits and Visa Infinite benefits (not covered here).


Strings Attached to Using Visa Rental Car Insurance


Know that when you rely exclusively on your Visa credit card, you have to accept their terms and conditions. These are obscure at best, and limit your rights too. Let’s delve further:

Auto Rental Collision Damage Waiver - The blurb says, “Receive auto coverage for damage due to collision or theft. To activate the coverage, complete the entire rental transaction with your eligible Visa card and decline the rental company's collision damage waiver (CDW) coverage if offered by the auto rental company.

Hold that thought… Is this real rental car insurance or a secondary offering in the coverage context?

You need to be street wise when accepting, so ask the questions. Misunderstanding may lead inadvertently to liability shifting to the renter in a claim situation.


Oh So Avoidable!


Remember, Visa card imposes, "Certain restrictions, limitations and exclusions", so fully understand what you are transacting. In fact, take the bold step of arranging your very own coverage direct from, it may prove your best move ever. This way you’ll find real Rental Car Damage Insurance, and it costs a mere $9 a day. In return, you get up to $45,000 damage and theft protection, and it is real primary insurance.


Danger: Vague Advertising


When you use your covered Visa Card to reserve and pay for your 'entire auto rental', you can be covered for damage to the rental vehicle that results from a collision or theft. You don’t even get cover unless the full rental is via Visa. Moreover, the words ‘can be’ cover a multitude of sins!


Worse to Come


The website states categorically, “Decline the CDW coverage offered to you at the rental agency, and make sure your name is listed as the primary renter on the auto rental contract.  Any additional drivers must also be listed on the auto rental agreement. You’ll also want to be sure that you rent a “covered vehicle” – for example, trucks and luxury cars are not covered”.


Visa Car Rental Insurance vs Home, Sweet Home from Pteet


This is a no-brainer because Pteet are on your side and supportive. Rental car insurance is the name of our game, no frills, no threats, and definitely no empty promises. Choose Rental Car Damage Insurance from Pteet and get the right cover. It’s available online, click here. Best of all, it’s affordable!