US Cross Border Rental Car vs Mexico Vehicle Hire

US, Mexico Border Crossing; Author: Attribution: Wikimedia Commons (unaltered)


If you are planning a road trip to Mexico from the US using a rental car, you should brush up on the requirements before you go. This article aims to assist drivers’ planning to cross the US-Mexico border. are proud to assist. Most of the car rental kings allow renters to collect their hire vehicle in the US and cross the border to Mexico. Note, however that special restrictions apply.


Cross Border Car Rental Insurance


Knowing and managing the risk requires thorough research before arrival at the rental kiosk to collect your preferred vehicle rental. The good news is that, irrespective of hiring your vehicle in the US or Mexico, both events are covered if you buy cover from beforehand. Follow this link to find more information.


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Before deciding on hiring and driving across the border, versus hiring in Mexico check the rental portals. Specifically, read the Ts and Cs carefully. Look at and understand the exceptions and exclusions – this requires an investment of time, but hey, it will prove worthwhile!

What’s Required to take US Car Rentals into Mexico?

  • Car rental documentation, including written authorization from the parent rental company to take their vehicle across the border
  • Necessary proof of citizenship for U.S. and tourists from Canada in the form of valid passports and unabridged birth certificates for each person in your group
  • Government-issued tourist card and entry permit issued by an INM office


The Verdict recommends that US travelers planning to drive in Mexico should rather do so locally upon arrival at their destination in that country. This obviates the need for a stack of papers and documents when hiring and driving a rental vehicle into Mexico from the US.


More Woes to Avoid


Imagine if something goes wrong with your rental car after crossing to Mexico. The implications are potentially catastrophic as you attempt to defend what happened, even though it may not have been your fault. Keep in mind that the US car hire company will run a tab for as long as their vehicle is off the road.


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