Tips for Saving Money on Rental Cars on Holidays

Mom and Pop-Type Car Rental

If you are going on a business trip and time is money, then not all these tips may bring the full rewards. But then what the heck, someone else is paying and it may be the IRS. However if you are going on holiday, between jobs, or retired, you may have the luxury of planning holidays when rental and accommodation rates are cheaper, and that does not have to be in the dead of winter.


Brainwave 1: Don’t Hire a Regular Car


Vehicle shipping companies have loads of cars they need to move to somewhere else. These could be going to auctions, or someone who is unable to drive at present. Quite often the car is free and you only pay the gas.

If that’s not for you, then stay away from big rental companies at major portals. They are expensive and have a knack of upselling you to waivers and other options. Besides, they have loads of taxes, concession fees and facility charges hidden in their rates.

Catch the airport bus and head for motor town where the independent repair shops are. You should find small mom and pop-type outfits renting older cars that still do the trick. Their regular business is helping people get around while their vehicle is out of action. They seldom have damage and loss waivers. But they will ask for proof of insurance and that’s where Pteet comes to the party.


Brainwave 2: Travel in the Opposite Direction


Every winter, Americans flock to Florida and Arizona for warm winter holidays. So a large number of cars are stuck down there until the end of the season. This gives rental companies a logistical headache because the system is out of balance.

If you are thinking of driving down that way to enjoy the countryside, check if it is possible to do the trip in the opposite direction. Pocket a discount rate in exchange for variety in your life. You may be surprised at the saving and you never know until you try.


Brainwave 3: Insure with Pteet


Almost all auto insurance schemes assume a long-term arrangement that auto repeats until one party stops it. Insuring rental cars for a day or a week is a pain to them, and you pay handsomely for it, unless you use Pteet.

Sure, you may have coverage in an existing policy but you better check the exclusions first, and drive extra-specially carefully too so you don't dent your no claim. Alternatively, why not consider Pteet short-term primary insurance cover instead. The amount of coverage is sufficient to cover a standard auto rental vehicle. And there are no deductibles whatsoever.

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