The Price Tricks Car Rentals Pull When Upselling

Light Dusting of Snow: How Could I Check?

Upselling is a tried and trusted trick in any business, and we often fall for it too. The deciding factor can be a pleasant experience in the present moment. Beware the charming face smiling across the rental counter. If it looks to be too good to be true, it generally is.  I have yet to meet a surly, confidence trickster. I am not saying they are all that way. However, car rentals try these upsells on me every time.

# The May I Fill Your Tank Routine

When I am charmed into pre-ordering a refueling service, I pay for a full tank regardless of how much it already holds. This privilege can cost as much as a daily rental. How they do justify this: Do they sleep well dreaming of their bonuses?

# The Leave Your Car in the Street Gig

I was late checking in because of a snowstorm. The rental people promised to wait for me but they did not. It was getting dark, the car had a light dusting of snow by the time I parked and shipped my luggage to the cab. Two days later, they phoned about a dent. How was I to argue my case?

# The Free Upgrade Con Where I Lose Every Time

I have heard there is no such thing as a free lunch. Much the same applies to a ‘free’ upgrade. Small cars park easier and use less gas. Moreover, if I have car damage and I forgot my Pteet, repairs are cheaper (and the rental company rips me off less)

# The Pick Up the Rental at the Airport Scam

Space around airports is the most expensive real estate I know of, short of a golf course you-know-who owns. So you pay a loaded price for standing in a long queue. Catch a cab to town instead: Your rental saving could cover the fee and you can chill.

I take my satnav and my Preet with me when hiring cars. Those 'little extras' including additional drivers, satnavs and car seats can cost more than the hire itself. One day I had an urgent need and went straight to the depot. When I tried to contact Pteet the Wi-Fi and my connections mysteriously went down. Fortunately, I did not dent the car, but the waivers sure made a deep hole my pocket.

Driving rental cars without primary insurance cover is scary. Take my word for it. Read the horror stories on this blog. And remember your Pteet because ‘your mother’ told you so.

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Light Dusting of Snow: Mark Hillary BY CC 2.0