“The Best 500 Miles I Put on a Rental Car”

Leveling the Road

Rental car agencies make a pile of money, and we afford ourselves a wry smile when we see them losing some. They may self-insure, but they stack the best cards in the deck on their side. Because they charge a small fortune for their highfalutin collision damage wavers, many of which they end up invalidating for some minor indiscretion by a client.


The Hoops Some Drivers Put Their Rental Car Through


We figure a certain Hawaii rental car firm must still be in shock, after a volcano lava stream consumed their Ford Mustang the other day. We offer a thousand pounds in bank notes (no longer legal tender) to a pinch of salt they decided the client was negligent. Because they parked their car nearby where there was lava underground.

Stories like these make our blood boil as furiously as the gas in the tank of that Mustang before it exploded. We have always supported the underdog including citizens ripped off by the high insurance premiums other companies charge. So ‘jest for fun’ sit back and share the tale of a certain client who abused a rented Camaro at a Ford GT track event, and got away with it.



Would We Pay Out for Damage Like That?


Yes we would, if the rodeo driver stole the vehicle from a legitimate hirer who insured with us. However, we do not offer cover for deliberate and willful damage by our clients, because that to our mind is not playing the game. That said, the fellow in the video looks like a regular guy. Perhaps the pain and the medication were behind the indiscretion. We can’t recommend driving a rental car or any other kind of vehicle when incapacitated for whatever reason.

We believe in straight deals and fair prices at Pteet, the rental car insurer rolling back the competition because our prices beat the rest and our conditions are fair. We don’t hassle. When we owe money we pay it and that’s a fact. Check out our reviews, there is no disputing that.


The Famous Day Pteet Was Born, and Other Insurers Wept


Customers often ask us how we got into this gig. Our CEO is a cool dude who considers cluttering up precious breathing space with a lump of metal he only uses 5% of the time antisocial. For him, the better way is hiring a car when he wants one, and hassling the price down to what he can afford.

One day in 2010, he balked at the high price the rental companies were charging for collision damage cover and theft, and founded Pteet. The counter-revolution was that simple. Since then, Pteet has offered a more affordable alternative to car rental insurance purchased at the rental desk.

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Leveling the Road: Powhusku BY CC 2.0