Rented Ferrari 458 Crashes: Most Expensive Auto Hire Ever?

Ferrari 458 Italia (Germany)

Driving a rental car is a responsibility we ought not to take lightly. No collision loss or damage waiver - or insurance policy for that matter - will pay out if a driver fails to exercise due care while driving. Due care includes driving safely under prevailing road conditions, and respecting the rules of the road and the rights of other drivers. In other words, the way we behave in our own cars.


High Accident-Prone Moments When Driving


Many motoring accidents happen during the early parts of journeys. This is especially true in the case of unfamiliar rental cars. We may only look for the indicator control - and worse the brake pedal - the first time we need them. This can be the tipping point when we are driving in sleet, or there is black ice on the road.

The video that follows comes from traffic cameras in the city of Wenling, China. A client has just picked up their rather expensive red Ferrari 458 rental. The concrete road is wet. The other traffic is proceeding carefully. Her friend videos her saying, “First time driving a Ferrari: This truly is the most amazing feeling,” as she enters the traffic.


Watch What Can Happen During the First Few Minutes of a Hire


For the record, a Ferrari 458 is more than a supercar in name. Its 275.5 cubic inch Ferrari F136 F V8 combustion motor belts out 562 horses when redlining at 9,000 rpm. If the lady floored the gas, the car would have rocketed to 62 mph in 2.9 seconds. That is, if it has not had this rather expensive collision:




 Our Analysis of What Went Wrong in This Incident


Mail Online confirms the Ferrari ‘spun out of control … after losing traction in slippery conditions’. The rental company had purchased the vehicle quite recently for the equivalent of $600,000, and now faces repair costs of half as much again. We understand the traction control was found turned off after the incident.

We will probably never know whether the driver turned if off, or received the vehicle with that setting, because the offending party is unlikely to own up and tell the truth. This means the driver’s insurance or waiver protection could be highly compromised.

We do not offer cover for Ferrari 458’s and other rare, exotic, and expensive vehicles. We are here to assist American residents unable or unwilling to pay higher rental company waivers to offset these expensive car repairs. Our clients tell us they keep coming back because Pteet is the most intelligent rental car insurance ever. Rest assured we will keep on trying even harder to be there for you every time.

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Ferrari 458 Italia (Germany): Alexandre Prévot BY CC 2.0