Rental Cars Insurance West Virginia

Rafters Stuck on a Rock in West Virginia; Author: Rory Finneren; Attribution:  CC BY-SA 2.0


If you want a worry-free rental auto experience, look no further than We offer essential and affordable Rental Car Damage Insurance. Why do you need it on the roads of West Virginia we hear you ask? Stay with us and we will convince you of the merits of having Primary Rental Car Insurance in place.


Proudly Covering Every US State - Rental Cars Insurance West Virginia Included


Good news! You booked your flight and reserved your hotel. You even considered the weather forecast and decided to pack some warmer clothing, just in case. That just leaves the rental car booking, and this is no small consideration.

Unless you are street-wise about rental car options in a new location, you may be vulnerable to the 'smoke and mirrors' routine of crafty, hidden fees at the rental counter. It should come as no surprise that rental car companies steadily add to the costs, citing higher operational issues. In reality, they are simply adding to their profit margins at your expense!


The ‘LDW’ Factor and the Rental Agreement


When you sign up for the Loss Damage Waiver - or its poorer cousin the so-called Partial Loss Damage Waiver (PDW) – beware, you are entering mystery-zone! You are placing the outcome of any incident and claim entirely at the door of the rental car outfit. You don’t need to do this when you seek and accept Primary Rental Car Damage Insurance from


Tricks of the Trade


The “Free” Upgrade - When you arrive at the rental kiosk, don't be surprised if you are asked if you want to “upgrade” your package before collecting your wheels. Ask if it costs more before accepting, because invariably, extra costs will mount. In some instances, it can add hundreds of dollars in the final analysis.

Traffic and Parking Violations - When it comes to traffic citations, avoid ducking responsibility simply because you are in a rental car. In fact, you stand to get in even more trouble! Most of the major rental car companies will charge you if they find out you attracted any tickets on their vehicle. Moreover, they will likely add an admin penalty fee to add insult to injury!


Rental Cars Insurance West Virginia and Returning your Rental Vehicle on Time


Returning your rental auto too early may disrupt the facility’s planned schedule, so you should call ahead. Expect to pay the full contracted amount, even after returning your rental car a day sooner. On the other hand, late returns are magnets for additional charges. Always be fair and consider how you would feel if your rental vehicle failed to materialize on arrival at the airport.