Rental Cars Insurance Virginia

The Governor's Palace in Williamsburg, Virginia; Author: Ron Cogswell ; Attribution:  CC BY-SA 2.0


Considering the Southeastern/Mid-Atlantic state of Virginia has supplied eight US Presidents over time, speaks much for Mother of Presidents, one of this state’s three nicknames. Indeed, six of the first ten Presidents proudly boasted Virginian citizenship. Led by no lesser mortal than George Washington, the very first President of The United States, today’s politicians would probably claim vote rigging or fake news!


Use Car Hire to get around; Cover it with Rental Cars Insurance Virginia


Rental cars offer the most convenient and independent form of transport. You can drive wherever you like, whenever you like, but remember to stay on black top roads! Visit to see the coverage offered by our rental car damage Insurance. This is real cover, unlike the waivers offered at the rental counter.


Virginia, How Frightfully British!


Virginia took its name from Elizabeth First, the so-called ‘Virgin Queen’ of England and Ireland from 1558 to 1603. Good Queen Bess was the last monarch from the Royal Tudor House.

Perhaps a legacy from Tudor times, but did you know it is illegal to hunt wild animals on Sundays in Virginia with the exception of raccoons, which remain open targets until 2:00 AM. Can anyone tell us why?


The Benefits of Pteet’s Rental Car Damage Insurance


If you ever have the misfortune to make a claim after an incident, you’ll realize how important it is to have proper rental car insurance cover. Relying on your private vehicle insurance or your credit card amounts to having inferior cover. The waiver system operated by the rental companies is a form of self-insuring, and this is simply to get around insurance laws. Here’s what our cover does for you:

  • Rental Car Damage – Damage to the rental car while driving or while the rental is unattended. Also, rental car damage as a result of other causes
  • Travel Assistance - The Allianz Global Assistance team can help with travel assistance if required
  • Zero Deductible - In the event of a claim, a zero deductible applies
  • Free Cancellation – This covers change of travel plan
  • All Eligible Drivers covered - An eligible driver is at least 21 years of age, has a valid driver's license and is named on the RA
  • Primary Coverage - provides primary coverage


Picture the Horror with no Rental Cars Insurance Virginia


You guessed right it’s nightmare zone, except you will wake after reality kicks a huge hole in your personal finances! Don’t let it slip, choose Pteet’s Rental Cars Damage Insurance!