Rental Cars Insurance Vermont

The Light House in Lake Champlain at Dusk; Author: Nagaraju.ramanna; Attribution:  CC BY-SA 3.0


The Green Mountains run north to south right up the center of the state of Vermont, and serve as a natural barrier dividing Lake Champlain and other valley terrain on the western flank. The Connecticut River valley defines most of the eastern border on the other side. Hardwood and conifer forests are common features, no surprise there as the name 'Vermont' translates to Green Mount.


Awesome Rental Car Zone – Secure Your Rental Cars Insurance Vermont!


We admit we like to plug Pteet’s products at every opportunity, and effective coverage for your planned visit to Vermont is no exception. Before you sign for your rental auto, please consider our offerings carefully. If something untoward happens over your rental period, you’ll be pleased you chose Pteet’s Rental Car Damage Protection.


Aligning Renters and Drivers to the Rental Agreement


Rental car agents need to screen their clients carefully before accepting them on the Rental Agreement. By law, they should be satisfied that the renter and any driver are qualified to take control of one of their rental vehicles before presenting the keys. This involves scrutinizing both renters and drivers carefully to make sure they are bona fide.

Renters - Rental companies need to have certainty that renters are suitably ‘qualified’ to hire their vehicle. Renters should be over 25 and should hold a valid credit card in their own name. Moreover, they must be in possession of a valid driver’s license without any restrictions. Any attempt to bypass these rules on the part of the renter will invalidate the rental agreement.

Drivers – Drivers must also be of a certain minimum age (21 to 25, state dependent) and must be listed on the rental agreement to be legally entitled to drive the rental vehicle. Driving the rental vehicle without specific naming on the RA could result in prosecution of the driver. More importantly, this renders any insurance cover over the rental vehicle invalid, leaving the renter to face the damages personally.


Underage Drivers Fee


Rental car companies are entitled to charge a fee for any qualified driver deemed underage (aged 21 – 24, state dependent). This fee is over and above the additional driver fee. Statistically, underage drivers are high risk to an insurer while driving a vehicle and the higher premium is the result.


Rental Cars Insurance Vermont


While offer their Rental Car Damage Insurance online, it is important to abide by the terms and conditions listed in the rental company RA. For example, if an unlisted driver takes control of the rental vehicle and causes an incident, all insurance claims will likely face rejection. Unfortunately, this includes Pteet’s affordable cover. The clear message is stick to the terms of your RA, drive sensibly and make sure you have our Rental Car Damage Insurance in place.