Rental Cars Insurance Utah

Arches National Park, Utah; Author: logopop; Attribution:  CC BY-SA 3.0


Merely mentioning the state of Utah conjures images of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, more commonly known as LDS (Mormons). Utah is unique with around 62 percent of the population claiming membership of a single church. This is the LDS, which has its world headquarters in famous Salt Lake City.


Much to See and Do – Remember to Secure Rental Cars Insurance Utah


Using your rental auto to see the amazing attractions Utah has to offer makes good sense. Visiting the state of Utah offers spectacular contrasts. From the Wasatch Range, about 80-miles northeast of Salt Lake City, to the barren desert terrain waiting for discovery – click here and learn more.


The Rental Car Counter Experience


Being the regulated product it is, insurance is state-controlled around the US. The cost and coverage varies from state to state. Essentially, consumers can choose from the following coverages:

Loss Damage Waiver (LDW) - Sometimes referred to as a Collision Damage Waiver (CDW) outside the US, an LDW is not an insurance product. However, LDWs do relieve or 'waive' renters of financial responsibility if their rental car is damaged or stolen.

As a rule, waivers also provide coverage for “loss of use,” in the event the rental car company charges the renter for the time a damaged car remains off the road and out of the rental pool under repair or recovery, if theft is involved. Rental companies usually recover towing and administrative fees from the renter.


The No-Brainer Option – Pteet’s Rental Car Damage Insurance


That’s right! No renter should be without this valuable cover, it’s a potential life-saver in financially challenging circumstances. The good news it is easy to find at, and you’ll be glad you agreed to purchase one of our policies. Read on and find out what our coverage does for you.


Don't Be Without Rental Cars Insurance Utah


  • Covers travel throughout the US and worldwide for US residents
  • Primary Annual and Daily Rental Car Insurance options
  • Acceptable with most major rental car companies
  • Avoid the outrageous rental counter prices
  • Up to $45,000 Damage / Theft protection
  • Zero Deductible

It adds up to Worry-Less Rentals and it's yours from Pteet for as little as $9 a day; who would choose to be without it? Get your slice of the action online and cast your worries aside, as you take in the magical surroundings in Utah.