Rental Cars Insurance Texas

Hurricane Harvey near the coast of Texas at peak intensity late on August 25, 2017. Attribution:  This image is in the public domain because it contains materials that originally came from the U.S. National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration


Flooding from Tropical Storm and Hurricane Harvey in August, 2017 caused damage to a half-million vehicles in Texas, according to data compiled by Solera Holdings. This is a tech company that helps insurers process car claims. Now you know why purchasing rental cars insurance Texas is so important.


Here's Why Rental Cars Insurance Texas Makes Sense


Engaging the Highways and Bi-Ways of Texas is not without risk. Renters will feel that nothing can spoil their rental experience. Reality suggests otherwise! Insuring a rental car properly is not just confusing, it is frustrating and definitely daunting.

Many renters neglect to consider car rental insurance. When they get to the counter, they face a barrage of money wasting options provided by the rental company. The bottom line is renters face dangerous gaps in coverage.


Wise Advice


Before renting a car, make two calls - one to your insurance agent or company representative, and another to the credit card company you plan to use to pay for the rental car. Their response counts for little in the real world, simply because they will refer you back to the rental company (waivers) in the event of a claim.


The Insurance Company Option


Find out how much coverage you currently have on your own car. In most cases, whatever coverage and deductibles you have on your own car would apply when you rent a car, providing you are using the rental car for recreation and not for business. If you have any other insurance options, you need to disclose this.


The Credit Card Option


Credit cards only cover damage to or loss of the rented vehicle, not for other cars, personal belongings or the property of others Moreover, claims for personal liability coverage, bodily injury or death claims are not covered either.

Some credit card companies provide coverage for towing, but many may exclude diminished value or administrative fees. All credit card companies change their policies annually too, so be careful.


Thought to Ponder


If you plan to use your personal car insurance as an umbrella policy, cancelling comprehensive or collision insurance on your private vehicle to reduce costs leaves your rental wheels uncovered if stolen or damaged in an accident.


The Safe Option: Rental Cars Insurance Texas


Rental Car Damage Insurance is available online from Send us the information we require and we will email confirmation of cover in next to no time. We call it Worry-Less Rentals. You’ll discover why, should an incident mar your car rental experience.