Rental Cars Insurance Tennessee

Map of Tennessee; Source: U.S. Department of the Interior; Attribution:  BY U.S. Department of the Interior [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons


Newcomers to Tennessee will probably not know The Volunteer State nickname arose from the War of 1812. Volunteer soldiers from Tennessee displayed incredible valor in the Battle of New Orleans. Back then, there was no need for Rental Cars Insurance Tennessee, because the auto did not exist.


Why Rental Cars Insurance Tennessee is So Important


Driving on the Highways and Bi-Ways of Tennessee is somewhat different in the modern era. You may be the best driver on the planet, but reality sinks to fantasy when your driving skills are tested. Imagine the neutralizing effects of drunk drivers, jaywalkers, and thoughtless fellow-road users bring to the argument. This makes having Pteet’s Affordable Rental Damage Insurance all the more important.


Nothing Can Go Wrong...Go Wrong!


Precisely our point. There you were, minding your own business when suddenly some mishap outside your control occurs. It could be a stolen vehicle with a drugged driver at the wheel, signing their name on the Highway. When something extraordinary strikes, you’ll feel great that you took the online option from


Real Rental Car Insurance from Pteet


Keeping it simple, Pteet came up with two plans, and they are both very affordable. Our options:

  • Option One – Our comfort zone car damage protector plan. It costs $9 a day and provides up to $40,000 cover – sizzling!
  • Option Two – Our Annual Basic Plan, which is ideal for regular renters. It costs $125 and provides up to $45,000 cover – great value!

Remember, it’s Primary Rental Car Insurance, it’s affordable, and it’s ready and waiting for you online.


Events on the Move


One piece of advice we like to broadcast from; make sure you run the checks before accepting your rental vehicle. Never take it for granted that the vehicle allocated is the perfect model auto. Look for the defects and note them on the Rental Agreement form. If you fail to do this, you could and likely will face penalties.

Before you leave the rental kiosk, ask the questions. For example, what happens if you face a breakdown in the middle of nowhere? Who responds, how long do you wait? These are practical and vital considerations in today’s congested traffic.


Important Advice from Rental Cars Insurance Tennessee


Should you find yourself involved in a roadside emergency, don’t panic. Hit the hazard flashers, and move over to the emergency lane with due consideration to fellow road users. Call the rental company, and be glad you asked them how things pan out in the event of an emergency. Enjoy a safe motoring experience in Tennessee!