Rental Cars Insurance South Dakota

Mount Rushmore - Viewed from Visitor Area; Source/Author: Winkelvi; Accreditation: Attribution 4.0 International (CC BY 4.0)


With the talk of driverless autos all the rage right now, the folk at Pteet’s offices wondered how this would rollout in the rental car sector. How would the Rental Agreement change? Would the changes be to the renter’s advantage? We believe it should, because with robot-based systems in control of the vehicle, accidents and collisions should reduce dramatically.


You Still Need Rental Cars Insurance for Driverless Autos


Events can still happen even with a bot in control. Incidents should reduce to almost nothing and the cost of insurance should decrease accordingly. It will also take a long time before driverless vehicles are the rule rather than the exception. Will individual states change their motoring rules to outlaw human-driven vehicles? What happens when a thief steals your driverless rental vehicle and seizes control?


Utopian In-Cab Experience as Your Driverless Rental Auto Whisks you around


Demolition derbies will phase into history as Highways and Bi-Ways offer the ultimate safe journey, and you arrive at your destination relaxed instead of stressed. Orwellian theory or practical reality? Pteet doesn’t have all the answers, but we firmly endorse the concept of a safer motoring experience.


What Happens If Your Driverless Rental Auto Suffers a Breakdown?


The development of self-driving rental autos is moving ahead. When it comes to managing breakdowns, our guess is while the robotic driving functions are already functional, ‘R2-D2’ will not be able to fix mechanical or electronic malfunctions. The best you can hope for is a menu choice of options, which may include phoning base and requesting immediate roadside assistance. Getting the rescue team to the breakdown is easy because your precise co-ordinates are always available.


Autonomous Systems in Self-Drive Rental Autos


Automation in rental car circles could yield massive benefits for the rental giants. Information on your whereabouts, speed, engine functions and more, feeds back for storing away for possible later retrieval. This could make proving your innocence very awkward if the rental company has the lowdown. Naturally, you could blame Alexa - your driver – claiming a blond moment occurred!


Back to the Present –Secure Your Rental Cars Insurance South Dakota


Perhaps we should not worry too much at this point; the driverless rental car is not yet with us. What is tantalizing is the possibility in the future of a warm welcome from Alexa upon entering your rental auto. In response to, “What may I do for you?” simply ask the in-car system to get you to Mount Rushmore, in South Dakota via the most direct route!