Rental Cars Insurance South Carolina

Water Falls on Carrick Creek Nature Trail, Table Rock State Park, South Carolina; Source/Author: John Foxe - I, the copyright holder of this work, release this work into the public domain. This applies worldwide


Perhaps it should not surprise us to find that, among other neighbors, the US State of South Carolina shares its northern border with North Carolina. SC is in the southeastern region of the country. The only other shared state line is to the south and west where Georgia lies across the Savannah River. The Atlantic Ocean is the backdrop to almost 190 miles of stunning South Carolinian coastline.


Use Rental Cars Insurance South Carolina to Cover Your Rental Auto


When using the excellent Highway and Bi-Way systems of SC, consider that you are likely driving in unfamiliar territory. Worse, you may have no idea of the risks posed on the roads.  This all adds up to padding yourself and your risks with Primary Insurance, and it’s available right here at


The Dangers of Modern Motoring


Judging by some attitudes out there on the Highways and Bi-Ways, driving authorities may as well license turkeys to drive. There are many ‘human turkeys’ out on the roads and you do well if you can avoid them. The trouble starts when you have a chance meeting resulting in a mishap with your rental auto. Tough times ahead when you file a claim under the CDW or LDW Waiver section of your Rental Agreement.


Processing Claims – The RA and Your Credit Card


Claiming from your rental company for damage to their vehicle is the time when you discover what makes them tick. They are sure and safe in the knowledge that you have signed their RA and they are favored in the event of a claim dispute.

You gave them your credit card details too, with an open authority to raid your account as they see fit. The problem is that most of the rental giants will reserve funds on hold during the hire, only releasing them long after the RA closes so that they can recover your fines that may have accrued to their rental auto.


‘No-Brainer’ Insurance


Unlike your Rental Agreement, Pteet's Car Rental Damage Protector covers damage to your rental car in the event of a covered accident while driving. Even if you left the rental vehicle unattended, claiming on a reimbursement basis is in order for specific events - click here and view the benefits.


Don’t be Without Rental Cars Insurance South Carolina


The difference between the cover offered by Pteet’s Car Rental Damage Protector and the other so-called ‘insurance’ models is we offer Primary Insurance. In other words, our policy is your first port of call in the event of a claim. You can hand the problem back to the rental agency and tell them to sort it with your insurer. How reassuring is that?