Rental Cars Insurance Rhode Island

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Please revisit the title above before continuing. If there’s one point wants to emphasize, it’s the importance of having reliable Primary Rental Car Insurance in place. This article goes on to analyze why this is. Enjoy the read, and more importantly, enjoy your visit to Rhode Island State.


The Danger of Declining Rental Cars Insurance Rhode Island


Put simply, you could end up in a messy financial dispute with the rental company, should something go wrong during the hire. Accidents do happen, particularly when you are driving strange rental wheels, or motoring along unfamiliar roads. Accepting Pteet’s Rental Cars Insurance Rhode Island removes the risk and worry.


Affordable Rental Car Insurance from Pteet


Consider the risks while using the Highways and Bi-Ways of Rhode Island. The alternative is too ghastly to consider, just like an ostrich burying its head in the sand to change the view! You can avoid all the drama by simply going online at and choosing a plan. Here’s what our ‘worry-less rental option’ provides for as little as $9 a day:

  • Zero deductible
  • Up to $45,000 damage, theft protection
  • Avoid outrageous rental counter prices
  • Travel throughout the US and Worldwide
  • Compatible with all major rental car companies
  • Best of all, Primary Annual and Daily Rental Car Insurance


Open and Transparent, Not Like the Rental Agreement


Study the document carefully and thoroughly before signing, this should cause cold shivers up your spine! The Rental Agreement is all-powerful in the event of a claim arising from a mishap during your hire period. Designed to protect the rental giants, the average RA is full of legal jargon. The average renter stands no chance if a claim ensues.


In the Event of an Incident


It is important to remember that you are in charge of a vehicle you do not own. If a mishap befalls you, do not admit liability, because you may compromise the situation. Simply state that you are driving a rental auto and refer any third parties directly to the rental company.


Above All Else: Rental Cars Insurance Rhode Island


Pteet would like your visit to the smallest state in the U. S. to be memorable (for the right reasons). It has it all to offer - check the action right here. Stick to the state’s rules of the road and always be courteous and considerate. This way you cannot go wrong though other road users can!