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Mount Hood, Oregon’s Highest Peak; Source/Author: Zach Dischner; CC BY Attribution 2.0 Generic


Did you know that this is one of the two states without self-serve gas stations? The other is New Jersey. The city of Eugene was the very first city to introduce one-way streets. Oregon's official state birthday is February 14, which happens to coincide with Valentine's Day. Oregon is the only state that has an official state nut, the hazelnut. The Pacific Northwest state is one of only three located on the West Coast of the U. S.


Rental Cars Insurance Oregon – Primary Insurance You Cannot Ignore


Oregon mainly enjoys a mild climate, though there is significant variation given the variety of landscapes across the state. A rental auto is the best way of getting around The Beaver State, which has much to offer on your voyage of discovery – click here to find out more about the many attractions.

Oregon mainly enjoys a mild climate, though there is significant variation given the different terrain and climatic zones across the state. The Pacific Ocean has significant influence over the western parts. With the exception of a dry summer season, the others are all wet to very wet. Northeastern Oregon has a semi-arid climate, with the high terrain areas of this region subject to a subarctic climate.


Auto Insurance Facts and Stats


According to insurance watchdog National Insurance Crime Bureau (NICB), recent statistics relating to car theft reveal the following trends:

  • Approximately one-third of vehicle thefts are from inside the owner’s property - or while parked in the street outside
  • Less than 20% of vehicle thefts are from parking garages and lots
  • Around 60% of stolen cars are recovered, albeit in worse condition than when stolen
  • The number of recovered stolen vehicles decreases each year


Imperative: Rental Cars Insurance Oregon


There is no doubt that vehicle theft is a rewarding occupation, and thieves are not fussy whether it’s your owned vehicle or a rental auto. The latter may in fact appeal more because the wheels are generally less than one-year old. This makes covering your rental vehicle with primary rental car insurance an imperative. By leaving it to chance you may be lining up for a major financial outlay.

Include Rental Cars Insurance Oregon on the Checklist


Most rental companies integrate a checklist in the Rental Agreement, but something they will not refer to is the all-important Rental Car Damage Insurance. They prefer to focus the renter on paying for expensive waiver options. Here at, we plea with renters to take our affordable primary insurance for rental car option. It costs under $8 per day and provides up to $35,000 in cover!