Rental Cars Insurance Oklahoma

Blue Canyon Wind Farm, OK; Author: James Fleeting; Source: CC BY-SA 2.0  


If you haven’t planned your itinerary for your visit to Oklahoma, click on this link to find some inspiring suggestions. Perhaps your visit is business related. Either way, a rental vehicle is the easiest and most convenient way of getting around The Sooner State, one of the nicknames used to describe Oklahoma.


Harnessing Rental Cars Insurance Oklahoma from Pteet


Before finalizing and signing your Rental Agreement, spend a little time considering the protection that comes with accepting Pteet’s Car Rental Damage Protector. This is all the cover you’ll need for your car rental hire. It costs an incredibly low $9 a day, and provides up to $40,000 in damage/loss insurance. Ask yourself honestly why you would not want to take have this incredible coverage in place.


The Waiver Offered at the Rental Desk is NOT INSURANCE


You read that right, and we’re glad you have made the connection. Taking Pteet’s rental cars insurance Oklahoma is the wisest motoring decision you’ll ever make. Chances are good that, as a careful and safe driver you won’t need to claim anyway. The problem lies with other road users and the mishaps they can cause you. Your chosen rental car company will have no sympathy should a third party incident with your rental auto result in your filing a claim.


No Rental Agreement, No Rental Car!


Rental Agreements have evolved into sophisticated legal documents. Weighted heavily in favor of the rental car company, the average RA has plenty of juicy loopholes that can leave you in financial turmoil if circumstances rule against you. Remember that in signing acceptance on the RA, you put yourself in the firing line if a mishap occurs. You may find your credit card raided by nasty recoverable costs that the rental giants call ‘deductibles’.  


Invest $9 a Day and Loosen the Noose


It is a horrible feeling to suddenly find yourself all alone and vulnerable after an incident involving your rental auto. The rental car company piles on the agony, causing a real threat to your financial well-being. You could have avoided all this if you had opted for Pteet’s Car Rental Damage Protector. It’s too late after the event.


Rental Cars Insurance Oklahoma – Yours For as Little as $9 a Day


Pteet's Primary Coverage is exactly what the name suggests. Should you incur a loss, this is the initial policy that kicks in to protect you. It takes care of all these concerns:

  • Collision Damage Waiver
  • Coverage Duration
  • All Eligible Drivers are Covered
  • No Distance Restrictions
  • $ 0 Deductible

Pteet is by far the best car rental insurance you’ll find before taking to the roads of Oklahoma. Enjoy your visit and safe driving!