Rental Cars Insurance North Dakota

Theodore Roosevelt National Park, North Dakota; Author: Mikeo; Public Domain


Affectionately known as the Peace Garden State, North Dakota is in the Midwestern / Northern regions of the US. With the population headcount just over 750,000, there’s plenty of room in this frontier state. Over the last couple of decades, North Dakotans have enjoyed a major economic boom down to rich natural resources found in the northwestern areas of the state. If you are planning a Pow Wow in ND, drop by the official portal for North Dakota Government and get some good ideas.


Great Rental Cars Insurance North Dakota Wide


This is perfect country for exploring in a rental auto and is the best starting point for your road trip. Irrespective of the vehicle category you plan to use, Pteet’s Rental Car Damage Insurance is by far your safest bet. In summary, taking a policy through us provides the best worry-less rental experience possible:

  • Zero Deductible
  • Up to $45,000 Damage, Theft Protection
  • Travel Throughout the US and Worldwide
  • Reduce Outrageous Rental Counter Prices
  • Primary Annual & Daily Rental Car Insurance Options
  • Best of all, compatible with major rental car companies

Naturally, it is your choice how you insure your rental car against damage. Keep in mind that the Collision Damage Waiver offered by the rental company is in most cases optional.


Understanding the Rental Agreement


Signing a Rental Agreement is anything but a formality, because it becomes a legally binding event. Over the decades, car rental companies and wily legal experts have refined the RA considerably. The jargon used is legalese at its best with only a few renters actually understanding what they are taking on when they sign. Heavily biased towards the rental company, an RA covers all outcomes listed.


Waivers versus Rental Cars Insurance North Dakota


The best advice Pteet offers is not to ignore the option to take out separate Primary Rental Car Insurance before collecting your rental auto. We don’t see it simply as a banker, this is potential protection from financial disaster when the wheels fall off (not too literally we hope).

Knowing that you have primary coverage from Pteet is like the best news story possible should any mishap befall your rental vehicle. You’ll be congratulating yourself that you opted for rental cars insurance North Dakota, because you’ll be in the clear when the melon hits the fan.