Rental Cars Insurance North Carolina

Looking West at the Ocean Crest Fishing Pier (North Carolina); Author: Michael Au; BY CC Attribution 2.0 Generic license


There’s a terrain for every traveler in North Carolina. Experience North Carolina's three regions, home to storied mountain ranges, charm-filled cities and barrier-island beaches. We found this boast on the Visit NC website, and it sure sounds enticing.


Geographically Speaking


Rotating clockwise, NC is a southeastern region state with several borders, including South Carolina and Georgia to the south, Tennessee to the west, Virginia to the north, and the Atlantic Ocean on the eastern flank. Climate wise, North Carolina enjoys a prevailing humid subtropical effect for most of the year.


Know Your Insurance Options


We use the word ‘insurance’ purposely, simply because there is so much confusion when you arrive at the rental desk. Yes, you’ll be offered the waivers, but these do not translate to proper rental car insurance. What you end up with is a dubious appeal system operated by the rental company, or more sinisterly their underwriters.


Rental Cars Insurance North Carolina is the Real McCoy


Remember the name This is vital to your sanity and wellbeing when you take to the roads, because you don’t know what lies in wait out there. One momentary lapse of concentration is all it takes and it can come from any quarter. Your best option is to cover yourself independently, and this is where Pteet joins the party.


Oh So Easy!


Simply access Pteet online using a compatible device and discover more about the option available from the number one provider. Renters know about that sinking feeling they get when asked at the car rental desk to accept the so-called insurance coverage.

Considering the going rate for what are merely waivers can amount to it really inflates the rental costs. By comparison, the rental car damage insurance offered on provides up to $40,000 cover for just $9.00 a day.


Logon, Enter the Dates and Get a Quote


You can use your smart phone or laptop to purchase a plan just before proceeding to the rental kiosk to collect your hire car. When the rental agent asks you if you want their cover, you can legally decline knowing that Pteet’s Rental Car Damage Insurance is in place. You’ll be pleased to know that our policies are underwritten by Allianz Global Assurance underwrites our policies.


Use Rental Cars Insurance North Carolina for Reliable Cover


For as little as $9 per day, you get that covered feeling that pays out should any mishap occur during your hire. The following question arrived on our comments page recently:

Q. Does the insurance cover rental company's "loss of use" fees in addition to the damage to a vehicle?

Good question - this is how we responded:

Thanks for the message.

Yes, the policy will cover any damage or loss up to the covered maximum i.e. $40K for daily and $45K for annual. That therefore also includes such cost as "loss-of-use" and "diminished value" (provided the car was driven within the rental car contract terms).

Hope that clarifies. Please let us know if we can help with further questions.