Rental Cars Insurance New York

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New York is the state, while New York City is both the largest city, with New York metropolitan area the world's number one Megacity. Albany is the capital. If you understand that offload, you are definitely in line to appreciate this major economic region in northeastern USA. No surprise then that the ‘Empire State’ has emerged as a global node of creativity and entrepreneurship.


Understanding NY State Geographically


This state has several borders, including Pennsylvania and New Jersey to the south, with no less than three states on the eastern flank - Vermont, Massachusetts, and Connecticut.

NY also shares a seaward border with Rhode Island, which lies east of Long Island. To complete the puzzle, an international border with Canada in the northwest. This all means that there’s lots to do and see. The best way to do this is using your preferred rental auto.


Select Your Insurer Carefully


The first name to remember and connect with is Simply access us online using a compatible device and discover more about the option available from the best-in-class provider. Please note that per the link, our Annual Basic Plan for frequent renters is not available in New York State due to legal limitations.


When to Buy Rental Cars Insurance New York


Regular renters know about that sinking feeling they get when asked at the car rental kiosk to accept the so-called insurance coverage. The going rate for what are mere waivers can amount to as much as the actual rental. By comparison, the rental car damage insurance offered on costs just $9.00 per day for up to $40,000 cover.


Logon and Sign Up


Simply use you laptop or smart phone to purchase a plan just before you pick up the rental car. Doing this means that when the rental agent asks you if you want to buy their ‘insurance’, you can legally decline. If asked about the insurer, give the name Allianz Global Assistance.

If you are pressed for time and were unable to arrange cover from Pteet before the hire, make sure you buy the plan before you start driving the rental vehicle. You don't want to find cover declined because of a technicality.


Use Rental Cars Insurance New York From Pteet


Get what you need and want, not the second-guess option provided by rental companies with their dubious waiver offerings. Relying on the waivers is akin to giving your rental car company the keys to you bank vault!