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County Route 537, New Jersey; Author: Mr. Matté; BY Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0


While you are in New Jersey, try to set aside some time to explore your surroundings. We have put together a couple of suggestions to help you do this. We have one County Route suggestion, and two from the New Jersey Scenic Byways system. The latter consists of several roads in New Jersey noted for their natural scenic beauty or historical value. Rental cars make this all possible, offering convenience and independence.


Rental Cars Insurance New Jersey from


Before you set off on your NJ motoring experience, spend a few moments setting up Pteet’s Rental Car Damage Protection Insurance. Taking this online option sets you free to enjoy yourself. It relives you of the worry of what happens if you encounter any mishaps with your rental vehicle. Best part is that it costs only $9 per day and provides $40,000 cover.


On with the New Jersey Journey of Discovery


County Route 537 - CR 537 for short - is a highway in New Jersey. It travels 66 miles from Delaware Avenue (CR 737) in Camden, to CR 11 in Oceanport. It is the state's fourth longest 500 series county route. See the map image above.

Bayshore Heritage Byway - This follows Delaware Bay and Delaware River in Cape May, Cumberland, and Salem counties. You'll gain access to natural and historical sites along the way.

Millstone Valley Scenic Byway - This 25-mile scenic route whisks you along historic Millstone River Valley in north central New Jersey.


Health Warning – Know What Signing Your RA Means


By accepting the Collision and Loss Damage Waivers (CDW/LDW) on the Rental Agreement, you are far from absolution as the driver. If an incident necessitates a claim, the rental company is going to look carefully at who was to blame. Even though you have paid serious money for cover – some call it extortion – the rental giants are keen to avoid picking up the tab for any losses.


Don’t Assume Your Auto Insurance Covers Your Rental Car


Potentially a costly mistake renters make is to assume their auto car insurance extends to rental hire. They then turn down the waivers as an unnecessary cost outlay. Moreover, they confuse rental re-imbursement coverage with rental damage insurance. In real life, rental re-imbursement covers the auto insurance policy holder for rental car charges, for up to 30 days. This is while their damaged vehicle is under repair at the workshop.


Rental Cars Insurance New Jersey Means Primary Cover


If you are astute, you will have taken this easy-to-arrange cover from That’s right, it is available online and takes just a few minutes of your time to put in place. Please remember to do this before signing the rental agreement and driving off.