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While New Hampshire is the only state in the US that does not require the wearing of seat belts when driving, the folk at certainly would not recommend this option. Statistically, seat belts are vital to the saving of life out there on the Highways and Bi-Ways. They are preferable to airbags because they are not nearly as intrusive in the event of a collision. So, buckle up then start up!


Remember to Add Rental Cars Insurance New Hampshire


Remember to arrange your Car Rental Damage Protector from before signing the RA at the rental kiosk. Clicking here takes you straight to a quote for weekly car rental cover while driving in New Hampshire. Simply click on ‘Change Quote’ and enter for your exact travel dates, then follow the prompts.


Rental Cars Insurance New Hampshire Makes Good Sense


Pteet's Rental Car Damage Protector provides up to $40,000 in primary coverage for an amazing $9 per day. It is there for you if your rental car is damaged, stolen, or needs to be replaced. Best of all, you can side-step the ridiculous waiver fees at the rental kiosk, and there will be no hidden out of pocket expenses (deductibles) to stun you later.


Avoiding Rental Agreement Conflicts


By signing agreement for the waivers on your RA, you are not accepting insurance. It is simply a waiver provision that waives the renter’s legal liability for the following events:

  • All losses, OR
  • Specific types of losses, OR
  • A specific dollar amount of a loss (For example, $15,000)

If your rental agent is unable to read the rental agreement and all its terms and conditions, they should recommend the purchase of contract waivers. As the consumer, you need to seek clarification if you do not understand what you are signing for.


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The list of recreational activities available around New Hampshire is as long as your arm – visit the official tourism site and get some great ideas. If this is your first visit to the Granite State, you're going to love it. Once you have been here, you’ll understand why NH has the motto Live Free or Die.

New Hampshire is the preferred destination for many returning, and discerning visitors too. Unlike other states, New Hampshire's compact size makes getting around so much easier.


Taking In New Hampshire


The best way to see it all is by rental car. Make sure you have the benefits of rental cars insurance New Hampshire for the duration of your stay. Mishaps occur out of nowhere and you may be a little off guard travelling unfamiliar roads and highways. Get that feel good coverage online from