Rental Cars Insurance Nevada

Sierra Nevada; Author: Jeffrey Pang; Source Information: Attribution 2.0 Generic (CC BY 2.0)


Nevada has a reputation for its liberal rules and laws. For example, this is the only US State where prostitution is legal. Its lenient marriage and divorce laws have conspired to make this state a major tourist destination too. If you are planning to visit, make sure you take the extra cover that’s going to make your rental hire a pleasure rather than a threat.


Go for Rental Cars Insurance Nevada, or Go For Broke


Let's not forget gambling, where Las Vegas has set the trends for the rest of the world to follow.  Nevada’s name derives from Spanish, and means ‘snow covered’, which refers to the Sierra Nevada, literally ‘snow-covered mountain range’. We encourage you to seize the moment and secure yourself a rental vehicle to take in the attractions.


So What Turns You On?


Most visitors arrive here for the glamour and enjoy themselves while at it. Las Vegas is the obvious magnet, particularly if you feel like a flutter. It really is magical and awe inspiring. Don’t pass off the incredible scenery though.

This is idyllic touring terrain and you need to be mobile. Naturally, you’ll also need to be decently covered in terms of risks, and this is where Pteet’s rental cars insurance Nevada kicks in. Don’t be left financially compromised or even ruined by skimping on Primary Coverage. Get the real thing!


The Health Threats Posed By Rental Agreements


You may not be aware of the implications of signing an RA, but we are and we want to share some of the horror stories with you. Yes, we ride on the back of rental car hire because car hire companies leave you utterly alone when it comes to properly insuring the risks you may encounter.


Insuring Rented Cars Properly


Your failure to secure decent Primary Cover may leave you well short should you need to claim for a mishap during your rental hire term. Remember, you may not even have caused the event, but this means nothing to the rental giants. They want their pound of flesh and they have already sunk their teeth into you when you accepted the RA.


Woe! You Declined the Waivers – Potentially Bad Move


You are really placing yourself at the mercy of the rental car company if you chose not to accept their waivers. Put in simple terms, it means you are ON YOUR OWN if anything happens on the Highways and Bi-Ways.


So Simple, So Effective


Pteet’s rental cars insurance Nevada is an essential backstop to incurring massive financial costs. If a loss occurs and you, the renter declined LDW/CDW you pick up the entire tab, unless you took Pteet’s cover.