Rental Cars Insurance Montana

Map of Montana; Source: (Public Domain)


This Northwestern US State has a couple of popular nicknames, such as The Treasure State and Big Sky Country, but neither are official it seems. Besides, there’s nothing wrong with the name Montana, it has a nice easy-going resonance to it. Montana ranks fourth in state-size stakes, but it has plenty of elbowroom due to its relatively low population headcount of a tad over a million people.


Before Driving, Secure Your Rental Cars Insurance Montana


Montana is untamed, wild and natural. Glacier and Yellowstone National Parks are just the beginning of some awesome scenery. From right to left and traveling clockwise, Montana shares borders with North and South Dakota, Wyoming, Idaho and three provinces of Canada (BC, Alberta and Saskatchewan).

Montana has two very different landscapes, with the eastern half typically western prairie terrain, whereas the western flank is more renowned for its numerous mountain ranges. This makes it ideal territory for exploring by rental car and there are plenty of attractions as tourism is big business in this state.


Reviewing the Hidden Snares of your Rental Agreement


The one piece of advice we always give is never sign an RA without fully understanding what you are doing. What you should really focus on are the clauses that the rental company will roll out when it comes to accident mishaps. Remember, this is not insurance cover but rather a system of waivers in place. If you accept the waivers you really should follow through the ‘what if’ scenarios.


Rental Cars Insurance Montana – We Designed It For You!


Better still, hook up online to and grab the cover we offer. This is proper primary rental car insurance, something you’ll be real glad you took if a mishap overtakes you and you need decent cover in place. An important reminder that you need to accept our quote before driving off in your rental auto.


Planning Ahead


Montana is a large state, and there are many attractions to take in and enjoy. Follow this handy link and get some great road trip ideas, it’s put out by folk in the know. Let’s end with a few pearls of wisdom regarding Montana:

  • State animal: Grizzly Bear (no surprise there)
  • State fish: Blackspotted Cutthroat Trout
  • State Gems: Sapphire and Agate
  • State flower: Bitterroot
  • State Rental Cars Insurance Montana: Pteet’s Car Rental Damage Protector

OK, so we sneaked the last bullet in as a reminder for you not to feel all alone when a mishap occurs. It is what we do well; in fact, it is all that we do!