Rental Cars Insurance Mississippi

Source of the Mississippi River at Lake Itasca; Image Author: Jon Harald Søby; BY CC 3.0


Which state name uses one ‘M’, two ‘Ps’, four ‘Is’, plus four ‘Ss’? Assuming you didn’t sneak a look at the title, the correct answer is, of course, Mississippi. With the Gulf of Mexico merging seamlessly with the Mississippi Delta in the south, this Southern State has another watery border to the west, namely the Mississippi River. We owe and thank Paul Robeson for his haunting bass baritone rendition of “Ol’ Man River” lyrics – seems “He keeps on rollin’ along”!


Neighbors Next-Door


Mississippian's also have other states for neighbors, (from left to right and going ant-clockwise) Louisiana, Arkansas, Tennessee, and Alabama. Mississippi is a lowland state with a mean elevation of 300 feet above sea level. This makes it ideal terrain for a rental vehicle, which can get you right to the center of the action. Before driving off, remember to get your all-important rental cars insurance Mississippi from


Rental Cars Insurance Mississippi, Damage Basics offers primary car rental damage insurance of up to $40,000 for single hires, or $45,000 annually. The following events are covered:

1) Rental car damage while you are driving or while the rental car is unattended, as detailed in the benefits schedule

2) Rental car damage resulting from other causes - for example: fire, storm, vandalism, or theft

The best part is the incredibly low premium charge of a mere $9 a day. Where else could you invest less than $10 and receive a $40,000 Return-On-Investment?


Rental Agreements in Review – The Prohibited Use of Car Clause


This is another ‘beauty’ lifted directly from a typical RA, and it’s certainly clear in its intent, we quote:

If you: ‘Return the car after hours and the vehicle is damaged, stolen or vandalized’…



Shocking Revelations Indeed!


The problem with a standard RA is that it is difficult to understand. Why should this be so in these days of legal enlightenment? The simple answer is that the rental giants are not empowered to offer Primary Rental Car Insurance. This leaves rental outfits having to cover their potential losses from the many claims involving their rental vehicles.


Turn to Pteet for Rental Cars Insurance Mississippi-wide


That’s right, opting for one of Pteet’s two primary insurance offerings not only gives peace of mind, it protects your financial integrity too. We call it “rental cars insurance Mississippi”, and its aim is to provide you with Primary Third Party Insurance. The real deal in other words!

The folk at Pteet wish you an inspirational journey through Mississippi. Enjoy your ride!