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Pose Lake in the Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness, Minnesota

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The U. S. State of Minnesota has a good number of lakes within its borders, which explains the "Land of 10,000 Lakes" nickname. This state is in the Great Lakes and northern regions of the US, and covers an area just short of 87,000 square miles. Minnesotan residents enjoy a high standard of living, among the highest in the United States. The state also has among the best-educated and wealthiest citizens in the nation.


Great Place to Explore Using a Rental Car


A rental auto offers a good way to enjoy the attractions on view and Minnesota has many wonderful secrets to share with visitors. When you click on this link, you’ll find plenty of good ideas to include on your Minnesota bucket list.

Before collecting you rental car, connect online with and secure an affordable alternative to car rental ‘insurance’ purchased at the rental desk. In fact, the rental car giants are unable to offer Primary Insurance because they are not registered. The waiver option they offer is both expensive and potentially explosive should you claim.


Rental Agreement Requirements of Renters and Drivers


You should always read your RA carefully before signing acceptance – yes, we know the print font is hardly discernible, but do try. You could also ask the rental desk agent to clarify the clauses you do not understand, but you could face long delays. Among the many clauses, you should find something relating to “Requirements for Renters and Drivers” – it reads like this:

  • Relevant to RENTERS / Must be 21 years of age or older (minimum age 25 in certain states); Must present a valid credit card (not debit card) in own name
  • Relevant to DRIVERS / Must be 21 or 25 years of age or older and must be named on the RA
  • Relevant to BOTH / Must hold valid driver’s licenses, and have to be present in person

We hope we have convinced you to read and question the entire Rental Agreement. This is important for your own well-being.  Moreover, it should inspire you to take rental cars insurance Minnesota available online from!

In closing this article, some viewers may find the Q & A from our “Comments” page interesting – enjoy reading further!

From Client:

“I plan to travel to Washington D.C. and Canada by the end of May, 2018, and would like to take your insurance plan the day before traveling to Washington. Once I rent the car in that city, how should I proceed with you? How often the car rental companies don't accept pteet rental car insurance? Also, I assume that your insurance will cover while driving in Canada, correct?”

Pteet’s Reply:

You can purchase the policy anytime prior to actually taking control of the rental car. i.e. once you start driving its too late to purchase our policy.

If you are traveling to DC and will then drive to Canada, the same policy will cover that trip for up to 45 days. If you have a rental in DC and a different one in Canada, that would require two separate policies. (however if you rent for more than 15 days its cheaper to buy the annual policy, which covers each rental up to 45 days) Yes, we cover you in nearly every country in the world except Israel, Jamaica, Republic of Ireland, or Northern Ireland.

Collision damage waiver from the rental companies is nearly always optional. Only certain car types like luxury or sports may stipulate compulsory purchase of CDW. Otherwise its always up to the renter how they cover their risk. Sometimes rental companies aren't exactly truthful with their customers, but provided the customer knows its always optional, they can calmly tell rental agent "I have coverage with Allianz, thanks."

Hope that answers all your questions. Please let us know if we help any further