Rental Cars Insurance Massachusetts

Itemized Billing Can Suck

The US State of Massachusetts seems to assume a ‘pistol-shape’ as viewed from the satellite, and with due reference to the surrounding states. The ‘barrel’ starts at the Atlantic coast and points west towards neighboring New York State. The headland surrounding Boston’s Cape Cod Bay serves as the firing hammer, with the butt trailing down south towards New Bedford. Haverhill in the northeast doubles as the gun sight.


'Seamless' Rental Car Hire and the Impact on Insurance


Actually, we should not overly concern ourselves about shapes and sizes, because that is how the cookie crumbles with land border issues. Visitor’s to Massachusetts are in for a real treat, whether chasing business deals or at leisure. Using a rental car is the best way to see any state, but have your brain on when you arrive at the collection counter, ready to sign your Rental Agreement.


The Difference between Good and Bad Driving


When we start out behind the wheel for the first time, we are naturally nervous and ready to please. It takes little time to garner confidence and become king of the road as bad habits and even worse attitudes seem to take control. All the rules we promised after passing the test count for little as we find ourselves in the real world of modern motoring.


The Good, Bad and Ugly with Rental Hire


Good - To be fair, rental car giants put up with a lot of abuse from unknown hirers. Some even hire cars with the intention of using them for crime knowing that they have a good chance of making it happen at someone else’s expense. The outcome can prove costly for car rental companies.

Bad – Rental cars are cheap and convenient forms of transport for heinous crimes like murder, kidnapping, hijacking and contract killing. Where does this all fit on the RA? No easy answers, but it will add to the costs going forward.

Ugly – Yes, you could be traveling in a rental vehicle previously used to transport a dead body, how would you know? How would the rental company know? The former hirer is highly unlikely to declare what they got up to for the duration of the hire.


The Point Is...

Knowing that rental car operators have to recoup their losses translates to excessive waivers for the next batch of hirers. You can avoid all this by accepting one of Pteet’s excellent plans online. Click on rental cars insurance Massachusetts, and find the best deal to suit your needs.