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The Fascinations of “Little America” / Maryland State - Chesapeake Bay Bridge from Sandy Point State Park

It is not difficult to understand why tourism is so popular in Maryland. The modern city of Baltimore is a firm favorite, as are the beaches along the Eastern Shore. Baltimore attractions include Harborplace (a festival marketplace), Baltimore Aquarium, and Fort McHenry, a pentagonal bastion fort. Since Chesapeake Bay Bridge opened in 1952, Ocean City on the Atlantic Coast has proven a popular beach destination in season. The bridge connects the Eastern Shore to the more populous Maryland cities.


Step This Way and Book your Pteet Rental Cars Insurance Maryland


Simply click here and you’ll find the option best suited to your rental car needs. We are talking primary third party cover, and it is affordable from as little as $9 per day. We urge you to read the next section of this article, because it will surely convince you that you cannot rely on the rental giants’ waivers - these are not real insurance offerings. Be sure to get your Car Rental Damage Protector before driving your rental vehicle.


Another “Beauty” Copied From A Rental Agreement


Quoting from a typical RA under the section titled, “Prohibited Use of the Car” ITO issues of liability:

You or an additional driver, authorized or not:

  • Fail to report any damage to or loss of the car when it occurs, or when you learn of it, and in no event delayed more than 24 hours
  • Fail to provide us promptly with a written report or fail to cooperate fully with our investigation…

Because we don’t want to scare you off hiring rental vehicles, we’ll stick with the first two from five reasons listed. It effectively gives the rental car company complete power over a situation that may not have been your fault, but leaves you fully liable. ‘Fleecing’ is the word that springs to mind, and it is not exclusive to sheep.


Never Underestimate the Small Print


Clauses like these are real worries for hirers who might not have taken out Pteet’s rental cars insurance Maryland. Perhaps traumatized by a mishap with their rental vehicle, they may overlook reporting the matter to the rental car company. Could also be that they are lying unconscious in a hospital bed after a serious accident. The word ‘mercy’ is not in your rental agent’s vocabulary!


Live To Hire Another Day


Pteet’s affordable rental cars insurance Maryland offers important car rental damage protection for hirers planning to visit the wonderful state of ‘Little America’. You’ll be pleased you accepted if a mishap occurs with your rental car!


Chesapeake Bay: Ben Felps BY CC 3.0