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New Orleans by Landsat

Louisiana is Cajun and Creole territory for food buffs, but there is much more to it than its fabulous culinary delights. Many major Louisianan cities derived their names from the likes of the French city of Orléans (as in New Orleans), Baton Rouge (from Paris, France Opera area) and Lafayette (the art district of Paris, France). No doubt about the French connection then!


Pteet’s Rental Cars Insurance Louisiana


The following exchange is an actual extract from the “Comments” section on our website. It clearly illustrates the importance of understanding and arranging proper insurance for your rental car, and leaves the hirer in no doubt as to where they stand for the rental duration:

  • Inquiry: “I have a booking with Hertz and I am wondering that can I buy Pteet insurance to cover it? instead of actually buying their insurance and how will I know that it is covered?”
  • Pteet’s Response: “Thanks for your message. Yes, our rental car damage policy will cover you when renting with any rental car company up to $45,000 in damage (Annual Basic Plan).

Coverage offered by rental car companies is always optional and its up to you if you want to use your auto insurance, or credit card etc.

The third party insurance that, helps people avoid using their auto insurance policy which would incur a large deductible and likely large premium increase if the renter made a claim.

Additionally, credit card coverage is nearly always secondary insurance - which means a renter would first have to use their auto policy.

Hence, our third party insurance option is very popular given its affordability and that its the first policy a renter claims on, given it's primary insurance.

Hope that helps you to understand it a little more. We have an FAQ's section you can get more info or feel free to ask us further questions.

Thanks and regards,

Steve - Team”


Don’t Doubt, Take it Out!


Pteet’s Car Rental Damage Protector and Annual Basic Plans are both affordable options over CDW and LDW Waivers from the rental counter. Accepting rental cars insurance Louisiana from Pteet means you have proper third party insurance in place. This is the first policy from which a renter claims. Waivers offered by the rental giants do not actually qualify as rental insurance at all.


Car Rental Damage Protector from Pteet


The highways and by-ways around Louisiana are busy spaces, with everybody seemingly in a great hurry. Mishaps occur out of nowhere, so it’s good to know you have it sorted by accepting rental cars insurance Louisiana plan from This means no worries about incidents when traveling around the Pelican State!


Image: New Orleans by Landsat: NASA BY Public Domain