Rental Cars Insurance Kentucky


Regions of Kentucky

Locals call it the Bluegrass State, but on the official map, it is Kentucky – KY for short. If you plan to visit, you’ll find plenty of action and attractions on offer in this east south-central region of the United States. To help plan your itinerary, Kentucky divides into five main regions, these being: Cumberland Plateau (east), Outer and Inner Bluegrass (north-central), Mississippi Plateau (south-central and western), Western Coal Fields (northwest), and Jackson Purchase in the far west.


Great Territory to Explore with a Rental Car


The rental car option is ideal for getting around Kentucky. To get some great ideas of what to see and do, click here.  Before you get in the driver’s seat, would like to share some important facts – and myths – about rental cars insurance Kentucky-wide.


Tackling the Myths of Rental Car Insurance


It begins with the official sign-up at the rental car desk, politely referred to as the Rental Agreement formalities. This is where you need to be careful as the hirer. Forewarned is forearmed for sure.

Forget the long queues stacked up behind. Spend as much time as you need to understand what you are signing for. When it comes to insuring your rental car hire, think carefully before accepting the so-called waivers.  The agency will try hard to convince you to accept these.


Hidden in the Small Print


Rental Car Agency waivers are not insurance, they are simply waivers you sign for - or decline - contractually. Should you have a mishap with your rental vehicle, you will have to contact the rental car company and alert them to what has happened.

The following claim process aims to identify who was at fault, which in turn pinpoints who is liable for damage repairs, or the non-return of the rental vehicle for whatever reason. This is quite different to the transparent RA you get when you accept Pteet’s rental cars insurance Kentucky.


Finger-Pointing Time


When accepting CDW and LDW Waivers at the rental counter, you are hedging your bets when it comes to liability. Apart from the costs of damage repair to your rental vehicle, you have the not-so-small matter of ‘downtime’ while the vehicle is out of the rental pool, and not available for other clients.


Avoid Calamity with Rental Cars Insurance Kentucky


This is when you learn the truth about what real third party insurance is, and what the rental company’s policy is regarding waivers. You are at the mercy of the internal claims assessor at the rental agents HQ, and their final decision could be lethal to your financial well-being. Don’t be left regretting that you chose not to take Pteet’s affordable third party cover. Welcome to real rental car insurance!

Image: Regions of Kentucky: Lamont A Cranston BY Public Domain