Rental Cars Insurance Kansas

Kansas State Map

Whether you plan to vacation or seal a business deal, visiting Kansas is experiencing Midwest hospitality at its best. The name 'Kansas' derives from the Kansa Native American tribe, who inhabited the area before European settlement.

Affectionately nicknamed the Sunflower State, Kansas – KS for short – is ranked 15th in area coverage out of the 50 states in the US. Its capital is Topeka in the northeast on the Kansas River, with Wichita the largest city in the south-central area on the Arkansas River.


Great Terrain to Explore in Your Rental Car


If you need some ideas planning your itinerary for your visit to Kansas, click right here. When it comes to insuring your rental car hire, think carefully before accepting the so-called waivers the agency will ask you to sign.

This is not rental car cover but rather self-insurance. Rental car companies prefer to avoid the onerous licensing requirements that govern car hire insurance. By offering CDW and LDW, they like to think they have all bases covered, but this is not always the case.


Simple Solution: Arrange Real Rental Car Insurance


Here at, we offer genuine, no frills and easy-to-understand cover for your rental car. We call it rental cars insurances Kansas, but it is available across all 50 states - we are proud to boast that we are the only specialist insurer to do this.

It costs as little as $9 per day and you have amazing coverage for damage up to $40,000 for each hire term. We are talking about our Car Rental Damage Protector Plan. If you are a regular hirer, you may want to consider our Annual Basic Plan, please click here to find out more.


Understanding the Mechanics of Rental Damage Insurance


Pteet's standard rental car policy covers you up to $40,000 in damage when renting with any rental car company. This increases to $45,000 with the Annual Basic Plan designed for frequent car rental hirers.

The coverage offered by rental car companies is always optional, meaning you can accept or decline cover. Ultimately, the decision is yours whether to accept the waiver option, use your auto insurance, or rely on credit cards. Choose wisely!


Rental Cars Insurance Kansas Offers the Best Cover


Pteet's rental cars insurance Kansas is independent third party cover. Taking out this premium plan avoids the need to use personal auto insurance, which could incur hefty deductibles. Moreover, the risk of a substantial premium increase following a claim is highly likely. Keep in mind that credit card coverage amounts to secondary insurance, which forces the renter to first claim from their auto policy.


Image: Kansas State Map: U.S. Department of Interior BY Public Domain