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Iowa Interstate Road System


Trivia time for a moment, before we explain the importance of rental cars insurance Iowa. The list of famous people from Iowa reads like a who’s who, and includes some memorable names from yesteryear:

* President Herbert Hoover - Visit the Presidential Library and Museum in West Branch

* John Wayne - Visit his Birthplace, a modest four-room house in Winterset

* Glenn Miller - Visit Clarinda to explore his Birthplace Museum and Home

* Johnny Carson – Visit his Birthplace and Home in Corning

Trekkie fans will want to see the ‘future birthplace’ of fictional character Captain James T. Kirk of Star Trek fame. If you should happen to be near Riverside, drop by his birthplace-to-be (set for March 22 2228). You will find a scale model of the USS Riverside, which bears a remarkable resemblance to the USS Enterprise. In case you didn’t know, Canadian actor William Shatner took on the role of Captain Kirk.


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You’ll need a rental car if you plan to take in the attractions mentioned above, but remember to take proper rental car insurance cover too. This you will find online at, and you’ll be glad you made the effort should you be involved in an incident with your rental car.


An Important Motivator to Use Rental Car Insurance


The rules of engagement are important to understand when you choose to go the rental car route. The best advice we can give is to think it through and consider where you would stand if you encounter any mishaps, resulting in damage to, or theft of your rental vehicle.


Rule 1: Never Assume Your Rental Car Comes With Auto Insurance


Car rental clients often confuse rental reimbursement coverage with the real rental cars damage insurance Iowa. These are two separate issues; For example, rental only reimbursement covers the auto insurance policy holder for rental car charges for up to 30 days, while their damaged vehicle is in the workshop under repair.


Case in Point


Suffering a dramatic incident or accident in your rental car is but the beginning of your troubles. The scenario described above illustrates the situation you face with any claim. Problem is what happens beyond 30 days? Our ready-made response is, ‘nothing’ if you have’s amazing rental cars insurance Iowa in place.


Good Thinking: Get Proper Cover


When seated in the driver’s seat of a rental car, you have potentially ominous conditions hanging in the background. We implore you to look at the options open under the plans for rental car insurance Iowa. It’s the best decision you’ll ever make!

Image: Iowa State Road System: Bill Whittaker BY CC 3.0