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In case you didn’t know, Idaho is a landlocked, northwestern state of the US. It has as neighbors Canada (north), Montana (northeast), Wyoming (east), with Nevada and Utah down south. Washington and Oregon share Idaho’s western border. Geography lesson sorted, so let’s move on find a rental vehicle to explore Idaho and make the most of its distinct climatic and geographic regions.


Rental Cars Insurance Idaho from


As soon as you are decided on your preferred rental car company, please visit – before you drive off.  You’ll soon find out about real rental cars insurance Idaho. This is quite different to the collision and loss damage Waivers (CDW and LDW) offered by car rental companies.

The problem with these waivers is the rental car companies get to deciding who has to pay when their vehicle is off the road, and it is rarely them. Liability extends to damage and repair costs, as well as the loss of potential income as long as the hire vehicle remains out of the rental pool.


Pteet’s Plans Powered by Allianz


We have two easy-to-follow cover options, namely:

Car Rental Damage Protector – Pays out up to $40,000 if your rental vehicle is involved in an incident. The cost is a staggeringly low $63 for 7 days hire, or an amazing $9 a day. Click here to read the full benefits.

Annual Basic Plan – Designed for frequent rental car users, we cover you up to $45,000 in the event of a claim. The cost? An unbelievable $125 for one year’s coverage. Baggage loss and Travel Accident Coverage are included in the annual premium. You can claim up to $1,000 and $25,000 respectively. Annual Basic Plan is not available to residents of Texas or New York.


Proper Rental Damage Protection vs Dubious Waivers


Ultimately, the choice is yours. The waivers offered by rental vehicle companies are unnecessary if you opt for the protection offered by rental cars insurance Idaho. Simple, clear coverage from, not the smoke and mirrors scenario found at the rental desk.


Pteet Gives You Peace of Mind Coverage



You know what it is like arriving at your destination, just wanting to get on the road in your rental car. First, the endless queues at the car rental desk, then the vague explanation of the waiver acceptance (or rejection) process. “Don’t worry; it’s all covered in the fine print. Trust us, we have been doing vehicle rentals for decades and we know what we are doing!” Just accept Pteet’s rental cars insurance Idaho before you drive off. You’ll be glad you did!