Rental cars insurance Georgia

Ticketing Counters at Atlanta Airport


Perhaps you are planning to do business or take a vacation in Georgia and need to hire a rental car. We just want you to know what happens when you visit the collection counter at your favorite hire company. Read this, and then select rental cars insurance Georgia from Pteet.


Lifting the ‘Smoke and Mirrors’ from Rental Cars Insurance Georgia


Most regular users of rental cars are likely unaware hire companies they deal with self-insure. Operating purely off hard-to-understand waivers and deductibles may seem fine, at least until things go wrong. Rental vehicle theft and hire car accidents are more common than you realize, due to high volume usage.

Things happen without warning. An incident occurs and suddenly you’re all alone and wondering what you are liable for. Chances are you did not even cause the accident. This is why it is essential to buy proper 3rd party car rental insurance, but not from the hire company as they do not offer this type of cover. do, so make sure you have rental cars insurance Georgia before you get behind the wheel.


Sobering Thoughts, Not Unwanted Nightmares


This article aims to analyze four good reasons that make it wise to purchase 3rd party car insurance before driving off in your rental vehicle.

  1. First up, we need to have a clear appreciation that your personal auto insurance does not necessarily protect your rental car. Many car hire users confuse rental re-imbursement coverage with rental car damage insurance. Rental re-imbursement only covers the auto insurance policy holder for rental car charges - for up to 30 days - while their damaged vehicle undergoes repairs.
  1. Avoid the temptation of relying on your auto insurance for rental cars, if it is available. If you do and claim for rental car damage through your auto-policy, expect a hefty premium increase going forward. NAIC research found that a first claim might result in increased premiums of up to 44%. The rental car damage protector provided on is primary coverage. It serves as your alternative to claiming on your regular auto insurance.
  1. Do you know what your car insurance deductible is? In the event of an accident resulting in $2,500 (or more) damage to the rental car, you will have to pay a deductible. Typically, this ranges between $500 and $1000. The Allianz Rental Car Damage Protector available from Pteet has a zero deductible in case of damage.
  1. Hassle free travel from Pteet. The last thing you need is to worry about mishaps with your rental cars insurance Georgia while traveling. We cover up to $45,000 in car rental damages.


Avoid High Pressure Rental Counter Tactics


No worries with high-pressure sales tactics when you collect the rental car – just tell them ‘no thanks, I already have rental cars insurance Georgia coverage from Pteet’.

Image Info: Ticketing Counters at Atlanta Airport: Atlanta Citizen BY Public Domain