Pteet Proves Its Promises on Interstate-5 in California

 Interstate-5 at the Newhall Pass Interchange

A young woman was driving alone in the dark down Interstate-5 with two small children on Thursday 14 June 2018. They were heading south for San Francisco Airport from their small town 200 miles away for a most important rendezvous. Their husband and father was returning home from active duty after an absence of two years, and arriving very early in the morning on an overnight flight.

Their troubles began around four in the morning when an oil pressure warning lit up on the Toyota Corolla dash. The family has asked us to keep their names confidential because they are suing the car rental company for failure to perform. It was still dark, and the interstate was quiet. Most folk had already completed their journey and the morning rush was still an hour away.

The young mother decided the safest thing for the kids was to keep going as far as she could. Fifteen minutes later. the Corolla went slower and slower until the wheels locked and the car skidded to a stop. The car rental company was unhelpful when she called them for assistance.

“Sure I can send a breakdown,” the disinterested clerk said.” But our service provider only starts work at eight o’clock so I am afraid you will have to wait. Please have $300 cash ready, as they will not help you without it. Call back if you decide to go ahead.” Click the line went as they closed the connection.

By now, the young mother was distraught and the children were sobbing in the early morning chill. She had no cash with her. Did she dare stop a stranger in a passing car? What would her husband do when his plane landed, and there was nobody to welcome him? Things we looking grim until …


She Remembered She Had Rental Car Insurance with Pteet


Pteet includes Allianz 24-hour travel assistance in its up-to-$45,000 rental car damage and loss cover, for a basic rate of just $9 a day all-inclusive. We had a rescue vehicle heading out within fifteen minutes of her calling. They stayed in regular phone contact throughout their journey. A passing highway patrol car arrived just as they were hitching the car, and kindly got the family to the airport just as the plane landed.

“Thank you so much for being there for us when we needed you Pteet,” the young couple wrote later. “We can’t thank you enough for what you did for us early in the morning of Thursday 14 June 2018.” We all walked a little taller that day at Pteet.

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Image Interstate-5 at the Newhall Pass Interchange: Chevy 111 BY CC 3.0