Mastercard Car Rental Insurance

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Using your credit card for car rental insurance cover is a little vague to the renter, and Mastercard is no exception. Here at, we strongly advise anyone planning to rely on the cover options offered by the bank or card operator to do so cautiously. Mastercard issues credit cards to qualifying clients. Part of the deal may include car rental insurance cover under exceptional circumstances.


How Mastercard Car Rental Insurance Works


To start with, it is secondary insurance as opposed to primary. This means that renters should look to – and exhaust - all other coverage options first before turning to Mastercard’s fallback cover. Moreover, qualifying for coverage is not automatic. All expenditure relating to a rental auto should channel via the credit card. Use of the card for rental car insurance cover is subject to a host of terms and conditions.


Rental Insurance and Mastercard Coverage


By assuming they’re covered via their card facility, renters may elect to reject all other forms of rental insurance cover. This includes potential cover available on their private auto policy, the waiver system at the rental counter, and primary cover offered by third party providers like, for example. Link to this document to learn more about coverage through Mastercard.


Claiming After an Event Can Prove Costly


Renters need to have a clear understanding of what is – as well as what’s not covered - in terms of the rental insurance option they choose. Ignorance is no excuse when a mishap results in a claim, with an unwanted outcome leaving the renter potentially compromised financially.


The Devil in the Detail


Rejecting rental car insurance is highly risky, even if the renter is well acquainted with the rules of engagement. It is entirely possible that the incident was not their fault, but the blame finger points straight back at the renter when the wheels fall off. Insurers are in the business of making money from the premium you pay for the ‘cover’ they offer. However, they are also adept at alleging liability everywhere else before resorting to their underwriter.


Taking the Guesswork out of Mastercard Car Rental Insurance


A seasoned gambler would not bet on a three-legged horse to win the race. The same argument applies when it comes to securing relevant rental car insurance. Don’t ask your bank, credit card company, or private auto policy insurer to cover your risk while renting a car. Speak to the leading provider of primary rental car insurance. Find your guide to Rental Car Damage Insurance at Don’t wake up too late!