Many Consumers Still Think They Have to Use Waivers

Duesenberg 1930 J Walker La Grande Torpedo Phaeton

Recent research by consumer sites reveal many U.S. residents still think they have no option but to purchase collision damage and loss waivers from car rental companies. Some consumer sites provide the advice to draw attention to credit cards they favor. However, these are not always the best option when it comes to effective, affordable rental car insurance.


The Many Pitfalls of Credit Card Rental Insurance


A recent survey reviewed the offerings of ten largest credit card issuers. These excluded co-branded and student offerings. A startling 17% did not cover claimable events occurring on gravel and dirt roads. The survey gave extra brownie points to issuers that provided coverage for exotic / antique cars, large vans, and trucks, as well as cars.

In the insurance game, you pay for what you want to get. If you want to cross-subsidize Ferraris and Vintage Duesenbergs costing millions you pay more for your insurance. At Pteet, we insure cars for damage or total loss up to a maximum $45,000. Because we figure that should cover the cost of vehicles cost-conscious Americans drive.

For your own sake, please obtain a copy of the FULL rental car insurance policy from your credit card issuer and read it through TO THE END. Never take insurance cover that you cannot understand. If a company has a policy in words you cannot understand, you have to ask the questions “what are they covering up” and ‘what do they not want me to know”.


The Best Option for Rental Car Insurance Pteet


Pteet’s car rental insurance cover is more inclusive than any other we know, because you get all this for the minimal amount of $9 per day (and even less for longer-term rentals)

# Primary Annual & Daily Rental Car Insurance

# Freedom from Outrageous Rental Counter Prices

# Zero Deductible With Cover Up To $45,000

# Anywhere You Go for American Residents

# Compatible with major rental car companies

The collision damage waiver cover that rental companies offer is just that, one option at the counter. However, they will require you to take some form of collision and loss cover to protect their own interests elsewhere.

Pteet offers the best deal anywhere we know of. Pteet is the thinking person’s solution. However, this is provided they don’t rent Ferraris, Vintage Duesenbergs and other Big Ticket vehicles. And are licensed drivers on the rental agreement who agree to drive responsibly. Check out our FAQs in large print here.

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