Kangaroo Trashes Australian Home: What About the Hire Car

Only In Australia…

A family living in Melbourne, Australia is recovering from the trauma of a 65-pound kangaroo running amok in their home. Now kangaroos, as you may or may not know can be up to six-foot-seven-inches tall, and tip the sale at 200 pounds. Moreover, there are over thirty million of them in Australia, and the record sprinter logged 25 miles-per-hour.


Spooked by a Car or Dog into Leaping Through a Window


The family live on the outer fringes of a suburb called Deer Park close to open fields and kangaroo territory. Rescuer Manfred Zabinskas said the incident was partly down to “homes competing with kangaroo habitats”. Moreover, someone probably had a barking dog, or a car spooked it into a panic. They were fortunate it was a juvenile and could trap it in the bathroom.

However, the kangaroo first had its way hopping all over the house. "He would have been in a complete panic and in desperation just run in the path of what would have looked like a passage home, and just gone through the window," rescuer Manfred Zabinskas told the BBC.

"They do get into trouble in suburbia where we've got urban areas expanding into the fields where they live." In this case, the kangaroo broke a second window as it tried to escape. The family fortunately escaped injury, although the beast cut it paws and legs and left a trail of blood around the house. The rescuer sedated it and took it to a shelter for hopping repairs.


What Would Have Happened It Jumped on a Rental Car Outside?


Kangaroos have a habit of jumping over moving cars in Australia, or colliding with them. This can cause quite severe damage leading to periods off the road under repair. If the family had a guest and they parked their rental car in the yard, the kangaroo might well have collided with it, or kicked it out of frustration.

Pteet would likely have covered this incident, on the basis the vehicle was lawfully parked with permission on private property. However, and this is the risk you run with accepting rental car waivers, the hire company may have tried to duck the issue on the basis their client left their car unattended in an area frequented by kangaroos nearby.

What the Pteet Auto Insurance Policy Says


“If  you  rent  a rental  car  while  on  your  trip  and  while  in  your  possession  the  car  is:  1)  damaged  due  to collision,  theft, vandalism, windstorm, fire, hail, flood or any cause not in your control; or 2) stolen and not recovered, we will reimburse you, up to the maximum benefit amount shown in the schedule of benefits …”

Have you any idea what the small print said on the collision damage waiver you accepted at car rental desk last time you hired? Please read it carefully next time, then contact Pteet for honest answers and a great deal.

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