Irish Fraudsters Take It Out on Hertz Car Rental

Main Terminal Dublin Airport

The Irish Times in London reported on a bizarre event on July 17, 2018 that had been dragging on for a while. The basis of the case awarded to Hertz by a circuit court judge was two Lithuanians collected a Ford Fiesta from Hertz Rent-a-Car at Dublin Airport with the deliberate intention of crashing it.


They Must Have Been Mad as Rattlesnakes at Hertz


Actually, they were not. Rainmaldas Vaswitis and Vladimiras Zubko had teamed up with three pals to stage an accident involving the Fiesta and a Honda Civic. We suspect Audrius Stelmokas, Julius Zivelis and Deividas Kaciuka also rented the Honda but the Irish Times is silent about that.

The impact was minimal although the trio all filed €60,000 personal injury claims amounting to approximately $209,000 total. Hertz was unconvinced and launched an investigation because it thought the five colluded. The judge decided he had no doubt the Hertz customers rented the car “to facilitate the fraud”.


The Evidence Hertz Uncovered and Presented in Court


Hertz investigators and private detectives explained how Vaswitis had hired a Ford Fiesta at Dublin Airport in February 2015, and included Zubko as an additional driver so they could “crash” it into another car in a staged accident.

They committed the fraud the same day at Holywell, Swords, County Dublin, which is a newish development just off just off the M1 motorway. The impact was minimal and from what we gather should not have caused injuries if the two men took reasonable precautions.

Interestingly enough, neither of the men in the Ford Fiesta lodged personal injury claims. No wonder Hertz was suspicious, especially when a private investigator discovered all five knew each other, something they previously denied.


The Judgement Handed Down in the Circuit Court


Hertz was claiming €23,390 from its customers (approximately $27,100) for “the money spent on the probe, and some expenses not recovered against the other three in the earlier cases”.

The judge granted a decree for the full amount, and “congratulated the investigation team on the work they had put into uncovering the false claims and exposing the two facilitators”. The basis of the decision was they had not bothered to enter any appearance in the case against them.

Primary car rental insurer Pteet wrote this post to illustrate the lengths a rental company may take, to nail down customers, and extract its pound of flesh. In this instance, we are inclined to believe they were in the right.  

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