How to Save Money on Your Car Rental This Summer

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Summer time is high time for car rental companies. The fish are running, and some may be tempted to hike their rates and cash in. They need to make money to cover for low winter season. So beware that smiling car rental clerk hoping to upsell you. Not to mention the pre- and post-rental inspections, where you may need to watch your back.


Three Important Things to Remember Before You Hire the Car


# 1 The pressure is on you as you reach the front of the queue. You can almost feel the frustrated people behind you thinking ‘oh come and get on with it’ as you eye-scan the long list of conditions. The ‘gas top up game’ is falling out of favor thanks to warnings on sites like Pteet. However, the collision and loss damage waiver scams continue unabated.

It is unnecessary to pay an extra $10 to $30 a day for damage waivers according to CNBC. Especially when Pteet offers superior primary cover at a fraction of the price. We offer short term insurance against rental car damage up $40,000, for just $9 a day. And the decision-maker is Allianz with us, not a clerk or a bot at the rental company.

# 2 Once you escape the waiver scam by producing your Pteet primary policy, the smart rental clerk has another sharp arrow in their quiver. If you are at an airport they know your ‘accept’ automatically adds 10% or more to your bill. Avoid the airport ‘concession fee’ by catching a cheaper ride to town.

Also beware the EZ-pass that allows you to breeze through tollgates, apparently effortlessly. You still pay the tolls though. But you could also pay an up to $5 a day ‘service fee’ to the rental company. We have to ask the question, is that what a bot costs to flick a switch.

# 3 Always stick to your guns and demand a discount or an upgrade. Rental companies cluster together in the hope of stealing clients. If you genuinely walk away from a deal and cancel a booking, chances are they will call you back. Especially when winter cools their cash flow and they actually need you for the first time in a while.


Would you like to know more about Pteet’s essential rental car insurance? You need the cover but where to go. Check out our profile here. We dare you to find a better alternative. Do we have a deal?

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