How Brits Try to Wiggle Out of Car Rental Damage

A Cow Walked Into the Car and Broke the Mirror


Some Brits live in a half-deluded world where everybody is supposed to play fair. And if you didn’t order something you shouldn’t have to pay for it. The small print in rental car agreements works differently. This simply says ‘you are liable no matter what happens, but we may let you off the hook if you pay for a waiver’.

Even the waivers are not perfect through, because they are threaded through with exclusions. Although you could cover some of those with a deductible waiver, which the average Brit is likely to refuse. They expect the car rental company to play fair because it’s the right thing to do, and that’s the end of it.


The Most Popular Excuses the Brits Try Per The Sun


# There was debris lying on the road and the car in front kicked it up through the windscreen. This knocked the coffee mug out my hand and the coffee stained the cloth seats. Some of it got into the entertainment center and shorted out the CD shuttle I was changing. But it wasn’t my fault and I didn’t do it.

# An animal collided with the car while I was having a last one for the road in a country pub. A farmer was chasing his cow that escaped from the paddock, and unfortunately it ran into the car and scratched the side with its horn. I was legally parked, it wasn’t my fault and I didn’t do it.

# The wind blew a shopping trolley into the car because the only parking was at the bottom of the slope on a pedestrian crossing. It should have been okay because it was plastic. Except their umbrella spike was pointing through and it slightly scratched the paint. It wasn’t my fault and I didn’t do it. You should be able to polish the scratches out.

# Another car drove into me when I slowed down to text a message. They should have been watching where they were going and in any case Ferraris are supposed to have good brakes. They were quite upset about it but it was their fault so you should ask them to pay for the repairs.


Why None of These Excuses Work


The drivers of those cars broke their rental agreements and this invalidated the damage waivers. They were either driving without attention, drinking, being careless or breaking the law. Now Pteet won’t cover those events either. However, if you have our insurance, and are acting sensibly when the car gets damaged, the chances are we may cover you.

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