Fly Me to The Moon and Other Quirky Auto Tales

Fly Me to The Moon by Steven Spielberg

Steven Spielberg’s 1982 movie E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial continues to haunt with evocative images. As we ease our rental auto into the traffic, it may be wise to buckle up, turn down the audio, and remember how remarkable automotive vehicles really are. We have a selection of quirky auto tales for you today, some credible, some fantastical like Steven Spielberg’s imagination, and others we leave for you to believe or not.


The Best Quirky Auto Tales We Could Find


# Americans welcomed early automobiles when they first arrived, because their smoke smelled better than the poop the horses carelessly dropped in the street.

# The first speeding citation issued ever was in America in 1902. The vehicle was doing 45 mph, so the daredevil driver had his foot pressed through the floor.

# Things did not improve all that much since then. If you are an average American driver, you spent 38 hours last year going nowhere stuck in gridlocks.

# You may not have realized as you glanced up to the sky that you could drive to the moon in 6.4 months, assuming you maintained a steady 45 mph and stayed awake.

# If you could afford to rent a Formula 1 racing car, you could drive it upside down in a tunnel at 120 mph provided you were shooting a corner and keeping your nerve.

# The largest speeding fine ever was in Sweden, where they charged a rich dude $115,650 for doing 180 mph.  In Sweden, you pay according to what you earn.

# The British get up to weird things sometimes too. In 2013, 150 vehicles slammed into each other in dense fog in a ten-minute period. The road stayed closed for days.

# When you are gridlocked in a car you need something else to do. Bored scientists discovered the average Brit kisses someone in a car 680 times in their lifetime.


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