Dollar Thrifty Automotive Group But Thrifty For Who?

Thrifty Ford Transits at the Basingstoke, UK Premises

Florida Attorney General Pam Bondi finally got mad enough to file suit against Dollar Thrifty “for allegedly deceiving motorists and charging grossly inflated fees”. As Tampa Bay Times explains, they had gotten into the habit of charging a $15-a-day "administrative fee" to renters unable to pay a highway toll at one of Florida's many "cashless" toll booths, because no personnel were on hand to accept toll payments.”


The Extent of the Rental Company Scam Gets Worse


The Attorney General alleges the rental company is violating Florida's Deceptive and Unfair Trade Practices Act. Because it offers a “workaround” whereby customers pay $10.49 a day for its PlatePass transponder service, and the bill sticks even if they do not pass through any toll booths.

"We are seeking restitution for all affected consumers," Pam Bondi said in a statement, "but the ultimate amount and extent of restitution will be for the court to decide." She expects the court to set up a claims process for consumers to seek restitution.


More About the Charges Against Dollar Thrifty Automotive Group


The suit follows “years of complaints from outraged consumers, including tourists” Tampa Bay Times explains. Pam Bondi’s office has stated Dollar Thrifty "misrepresents charges for cashless tolls as fines or violations, and bills customers a grossly-inflated fee for each toll incurred. Dollar Thrifty charges $10 to $15 each time one of its rental car customers drives through a Florida cashless toll and up to $105 during the course of a rental."

Dollar Thrifty had not commented when Tampa Bay Times posted on August 30, 2018. We understand a similar case is pending in the U.S. District Court in Miami. There, U.S. District Judge Jose Martinez has set a November trial date for a case on behalf of 900,000 customers. That case, titled Marshall Maor vs. Dollar Thrifty allegesDollar Thrifty charged its Florida customers $43.8 million in administrative fees alone since 2010, including $22 million since 2013.”

The Dollar Thrifty Automotive Group has separated into two independent subsidiaries, Thrifty Car Rental and Dollar Rent A Car, under The Hertz Corporation according to Wikipedia.

"To be frank, it's called blackmail," tourist Susan Leung wrote to the Times/Herald last year. Driving between Tampa and Orlando, she said she was charged $32 for failing to pay tolls that amounted to less than $3. "Why is the administrative fee $15 if everything is electronic?" reports Tampa Bay Times.

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