Discover Car Rental Insurance

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The above title is gripping enough but let’s look at what’s on offer on Discover cards. All Discover credit cards are built to give you great rewards and the treatment you deserve, that’s from the horse’s mouth. From their flagship cash back credit card to the flexible travel credit card, all bases are covered.


Discover Car Rental Insurance vs Insurance Sold at The Counter


Did you know additional insurance coverage available at the rental kiosk is optional? This type of cover – it definitely is not insurance - from rental companies amounts to extortion, and invariably duplicates other forms of cover renters already have. Put bluntly, waivers offered at the rental desk equate to great money-spinners for rental companies, and can add substantially to the rental costs.

Rental Car Insurance from your credit card equates to secondary cover, not prime. Should you need to claim for damage or theft, credit card companies, such as Discover will investigate all other forms of rental insurance cover before entertaining a claim.


Rental Vehicle Hire is Big Business


Car rental is more than a nice-to-have it is a necessity. This explains why there are so many rental car operators right across the planet. There are many reasons that drive renters to the rental counter. Typically, these would be business trips, vacations, or simply the need for a car to take the kids to camp.

Rental vehicles come in handy while privately owned cars are in the shop too. All told, there are tens of thousands of rental car deals struck every day around the world. Car rental accounts form a huge chunk of motor vehicle manufacturer's turnover. Without it, many would have to close their production lines.


Discover Car Rental Insurance


Typing “Discover Car Rental Insurance” on returns 2,700 results for renters to follow. Click on this link to see the responses. If you sign up for Discover online services, you’ll be able to chat to their agents and ask all that you need about Discover car rental insurance options.


Noise in Rental Car Insurance Space


A lot of hype exists when it comes to interpreting rental car insurance options. The smoke and mirrors put out by rental companies has one objective. They want you to purchase their products, which do not amount to insurance at all. Many deny their vehicles to renters who refuse the waivers, and this practice is illegal. Cryptic acronyms like CDW, LDW, SLP, PEC and PAI abound in the rental market, and leave renters evermore confused.


Pteet Offers the Complete Solution


Choose affordable Rental Car Damage Insurance available online from It’s primary insurance, and it is designed to keep you covered when something goes wrong. You owe it to yourself!