Credit Card Car Rental Insurance

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A gentle reminder that using a credit card allows you, the user to borrow money against a line of credit up to the card’s credit limit. You can use your card to make purchases from a recognized merchant, following which itemized transactions reflect on your monthly statement. Note though, that interest will accrue – premium rate - on your purchases if you carry your balance over from month to month.


Credit Card Rental Insurance


Credit cards offer convenience and great financial freedom for the user, providing they maintain a disciplined and cautious approach to their spending. Credit card rental insurance is just one of a complete world of options for credit card holders. That said, users should know that offering a credit card to cover payments comes with both risks and limits. Let’s delve further.


Credit Card Basics


All renters dread the inevitable hard sell at the car rental counter; this is a fact of life. Suddenly you remember that your credit card provides some type of free protection for rental cars. That could be true but first you have to know the extent of coverage, and how/when it applies to your rental.


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The Inside Edge to Credit Card Deployment


First up, if you plan to use a credit card to cover your rental car insurance risks, remember that you have to use the credit card for all aspects of your rental. This includes:

  • Payment of the basic rental charge
  • Fuel purchased during the rental period
  • Confirming car rental insurance is in place
  • Citations and other miscellaneous charges (tolls)


The Truth Revealed: Credit Card Rental Insurance


Simply because it is free, means that cover for rental car vehicles may be in place as a safety net only option. Credit card companies will look at all other cover options before accepting liability. In other words, your auto insurance cover and the plans available from the rental company.


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