Car Rentals Could Cost Customers Millions in Abandoned Cars

Sandton City Railway Station

Vast sprawling suburbs lie between Johannesburg’s Oliver Tambo Airport and the glistening tower blocks of Sandton City. The high speed Gautrain connects the two, although passengers may keep the shades closed as it flashes past vast informal settlements. No wonder some drivers abandon their cars at either end, so they don’t have to run the gauntlet of hijackers in the streets. The authoritative IOL News Channel reports some vehicles have been gathering dust for 10 years.


IOL News Reports a Total Disinterest in Sorting This Out


The authorities at the two terminals seem totally unconcerned about stopping this rot. Parking debts in excess of new car costs keep racking up with no end in sight. A parking attendant shrugs. “Andiyazi, boss, I don’t know. They could be stolen, or the owners abandoned them when they moved overseas. That one looks new, could be a rented car someone borrowed.


Our Heart Leaps Out to the Unfortunate Car Renter


Our heart leaps out to the unfortunate car renter who has to return red cheeked to the rental desk at the airport. “I only left it unattended for five minutes,” they say, “when I stopped to ask for directions.” The bored clerk prints a document containing the theft loss waiver they signed. “It’s all here, they say. Have you got enough money on your credit card to pay for the loss?”

Aghast, the poor customer reads the following: “The rental agreement falls away if the customer leaves the car and fails to remove the keys, or close and lock all doors, close all windows and the trunk, and the car is stolen or vandalized.” The loss and damage waivers fell away the instant they left the car attended for a few moments. They are standing naked against the power of what they signed!


Keep Your Insurance Cover on With Pteet


That unfortunate customer could have spared themselves a pile of trouble if they had waved away the waiver, and showed Pteet’s Rental Car Damage Protector instead. This could have provided up to $40,000 in primary coverage for just $9 per day - in case their rental car was damaged, stolen (which it was), or needed to be replaced.

That’s how PTEET customers avoid outrageous prices at the rental counter, and enjoy no out of pocket expenses such as any deductible. Unfortunately, in our story the rental company had no duty to attempt to recover the lost vehicle. That rental could still be standing in the parking garage in another ten years’ time.

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Sandton City Railway Station: South African Tourism BY CC 2.0