Car Rental Insurance Hertz

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Rental Car Insurance Hertz is something you may want to consider when hiring from this mega rental giant. As with all insurance undertakings, you need to be streetwise, remembering that the name of their game is to maximize profits at all costs. Online reviews are usually the best way to gauge supplier performance, and for this article, we merely supply the link for you to consider.


Car Rental Insurance Hertz


Our questions: What does Hertz car rental insurance actually equate to in terms of real rental car insurance cover? Being a household name on internet searches, Hertz rental auto certainly stands out. That said, when talking rental car insurance, be wizened when you reach the rental counter. It pays to know what you are looking for in terms of your actual needs, especially when it comes to insuring your rental.


Car Rental Insurance Hertz – Is it Real Cover?


Accepting the Hertz Loss Damage Waiver is not the same as taking primary cover from a third party insurer, Pteet for example. Simply put, LDW is at best a fallback should some sinister mishap affect your rental experience. All fine and dandy if it is clear as to what went wrong.


Nothing Goes That Wrong Surely?


Problems present the moment you get behind the wheel of a rental auto. Remember, you are driving an asset that belongs to someone else, which means potential litigation pointing directly to you should something go wrong. Reality check time:

Claim: Not my fault, I wasn’t in the vehicle at the time of the incident

Rental company response: Where was the vehicle parked, and did you honor the terms of the RA applying to parking and storage?

Claim: I was entertaining clients and needed to swing the deal. Dinner was great, so were the drinks.

RC response: In terms of paragraph 18, clause 43 of the RA, you agree not to drink and drive while renting our vehicle.

The list is endless, with many more disclaimer options potentially surfacing from the Rental Agreement. The important issue is to get the point across; LDW does not equate to proper rental car insurance.


Don’t be Left in Doubt with Car Rental Insurance Hertz


The message is clear - the onus is on you, the renter not to take chances when hiring someone else’s rental vehicle. If any doubt enters the argument regarding your claim, the rental company will find out, and you could be left financially embarrassed, if not ruined. Go directly to and buy essential rental car damage protection now!